Grant Success Program

The Department of Pediatrics Grant Success Program (GSP) provides a thorough review and feedback on a research grant application prior to submission in order to strengthen the proposal and enhance its probability of success. Draft aims should be submitted for GSP review at least 2 months in advance of the deadline and the full draft at least 1 month before the deadline. All proposals submitted to GSP will be partnered with a senior investigator for review. Department of Pediatrics investigators are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this service and, based on feedback from senior researchers, this review is a a requirement for Assistant Professors submitting a proposal for internal or external funding.

Please contact the research administration staff to coordinate placement with and review by a member of the GSP committee.

Specific Aims Due to the reviewer at least 2 months prior to the grant/sponsor deadline
Draft Narrative/Research Plan Due to the reviewer at least 1 month prior to the grant/sponsor deadline


Committee Members and expertise (links to the researcher’s website, as available):

  • David Allen – childhood growth/development & newborn screening for endocrine disorders
  • Mei Baker – newborn screening
  • Ryan Coller – children with medical complexity
  • James Conway – vaccine effectiveness
  • Elizabeth Cox – family-centered interventions
  • Bruce Edmonson – general clinical and epidemiological research
  • Marlowe Eldridge – cardiopulmonary physiology
  • Peter Ferrazzano – hypoxic-ischemic brain injury and neuroprotection
  • James Gern – viral infections in asthma
  • Anna Huttenlocher – innate immunity, inflammation and cell migration
  • Dan Jackson – childhood asthma
  • Bruce Klein – fungal pathogenesis and immunology
  • Pamela Kling – anemia in neonates
  • Rob Lemanske – childhood asthma
  • Ryan McAdams – neonatal lung and brain injuries
  • M. Stephen Meyn – genetics/genomics, molecular genetics, and cancer
  • Megan Moreno – media and adolescent health
  • Carter Ralphe – hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • Paul Sondel, MD, PhD – cancer immunotherapies
  • Ellen Wald, MD – upper respiratory infections