Jackson Research Group

The Jackson research group is focused on furthering our understanding of the pathogenesis of childhood asthma. Dr. Jackson has led studies aimed at identifying mechanisms of disease inception and exacerbation, and clinical trials to identify optimal treatment of asthma. The ultimate goal of his research is to develop and test effective approaches for the modification and prevention of asthma in children.

Dr. Jackson is the PI of the NIAID-funded Inner City Asthma Consortium (ICAC) which is focused on improving our understanding of mechanisms underlying the greater incidence and severity of asthma and allergic disease in urban children, particularly those living in poverty. The consortium aims to identify novel therapies to address the significant disease burden in this high-risk population.

Dr. Jackson is the PI of the Childhood Origins of ASThma (COAST) birth cohort study initiated in 1998. COAST has focused on host-environment interactions in the development of childhood asthma and has identified important relationships among type 2 inflammation, viruses and other microbes in the inception of asthma. COAST is currently part of the Childhood Respiratory and Environmental Workgroup (CREW) birth cohort consortium funded by NIH.

Dr. Jackson is also the UW-Madison site PI for the multi-center Oral Bacterial Extracts for the Prevention of Wheezing/Asthma (ORBEX) study funded by NHLBI, UW-Madison site PI for the multi-center Preventing Asthma in High-Risk Kids (PARK) study funded by NIAID, and a co-investigator and pediatric committee co-chair for the Precision Interventions for Severe and Exacerbation Prone Asthma (PrecISE) network funded by NHLBI.

Lab News

  • What We Published In May 2020

    Al Dhaheri N, Wu N, Zhao S, Wu Z, Blank RD, Zhang J, Raggio C, Halanski M, Shen J, Noonan K, Qiu G, Nemeth B, Sund S, Dunwoodie SL, Chapman G, Glurich I, Steiner RD, Wohler …

  • Two Pediatric Projects Awarded NIH “HEROS” Supplements for COVID-19 Research

    A team in the lab of James Gern, MD, including co-investigators Christine Seroogy, MD, Daniel Jackson, MD, and Sima Ratnamam, MD, was recently awarded a supplement to their ongoing U19 grant from the National Institutes …

  • Pediatrics Research Week 2020 Abstract Book Now Available

    The Pediatrics Research Week 2020 Abstract Book is now available. University of Wisconsin Department of Pediatrics faculty, staff, fellows and residents submitted over 50 research abstracts for the virtual conference, which is taking place May 26-29, 2020. …

  • What We Published in April 2020

    1. Ascierto PA, Fox B, Urba W, Anderson AC, Atkins MB, Borden EC, Brahmer J, Butterfield LH, Cesano A, Chen D, de Gruijl T, Dillman RO, Drake CG, Emens LA, Gajewski TF, Gulley JL, Stephen …

  • Save the Date: Virtual Pediatrics Research Week Begins 5/26/20

    In response to COVID-19, the Department of Pediatrics’ annual Research Week will offer alternative programming to spotlight the scholarly work from its residents, fellows, faculty and staff. Through a mix of livestreamed lectures and interactive …

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Daniel Jackson, MD

Daniel J. Jackson, MD
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