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Pediatric Cardiologist Tenure (PVL 96963)

Pediatric Cardiac Transplant Physician (PVL 97431)

PICU Cardiac Intensivist (PVL 200100)

Child Protection & Bioethics

Division Chief, CHS (PVL 101173)

Critical Care

Pediatric Complex Care Physician (PVL 218221)

Endocrinology and Diabetes

Pediatric Endocrinologist (PVL 200285)

Pediatric Endocrinologist (PVL 220147)

General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine

General Pediatrician CHS or CT (PVL 100550)

Pediatric Urgent Care Physician (part-time) (PVL 97441)

General Pediatrician (PVL 220146)

Genetics and Metabolism

Pediatric Geneticist/Division Chief (PVL 97633)

Pediatric Geneticist Tenure (PVL 201063)

Neonatology & Newborn Nursery

Pediatric Neonatologist (PVL 217986)

Neurodevelopmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

Pediatric Neurodevelopment Physician (PVL 218210)

Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine

Pediatric Pulmonologist CHS or Tenure (PVL 98898 or 98896)

Pediatric Sleep Medicine Physician CHS (PVL 99050)


Clinical Nurse Specialist (PVL 101116)

Education Admin Asst (PVL 220646)