Pediatric Sedation Clinic named a Center of Excellence in Pediatric Sedation

logo for the Society for Pediatric Sedation Center of Excellence in Pediatric Sedation 2024-2028

The Society for Pediatric Sedation Board of Directors and Quality & Safety Committee named the Pediatric Sedation Clinic at American Family Children’s Hospital a Center of Excellence in Pediatric Sedation. The designation recognizes pediatric sedation services for their work in safe, high-quality pediatric procedural sedation care and their participation in ongoing quality improvement.

Megan Peters, MD, associate professor, Division of Critical Care, leads the Pediatric Sedation Clinic. Christina Bryndzia, DO, assistant professor, Division of Critical Care, led the program’s efforts in completing the application. Other members of the clinic include Juan Boriosi, MD, associate professor, Sushant Srinivasan, MD MHPE, associate professor, Molly Russell, NP, and Tricia Smith, NP, all of the Division of Critical Care, as well as Kristin Tiedt, MD, assistant professor, and Sarah Webber, MD, associate professor and director of well-being, both from the Division of Hospital Medicine and Complex Care.

“I’m so grateful for all the time that everyone took to organize such a thorough and well-crafted application,” Peters said. “It’s even more impressive that we were able to achieve this distinction on our first round of application!”

The designation is active for four years, from May 2024 through April 2028.