Information for Prospective Residents


Information for Prospective Residents

Residents will be paired with a core PUBLISH mentor for the duration of their 3 years in the pathway. The mentor-mentee pair will work closely on a defined research project within the mentor’s scope of expertise.

The PUBLISH Pathway will provide exposure to core research principles such as:

  • An overview of various types of scholarship, including: bench, clinical, translational, quality improvement, advocacy, educational, medical humanities, and community-based participatory research
  • Building positive & productive relationships with mentors
  • Collaborating on research teams
  • Developing a research question
  • Performing a literature review
  • Research ethics
  • Fundamentals of quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • Dissemination of scholarly work through abstracts, papers, presentations and posters
  • The peer review process
  • Finding and applying for research funding

Pathway participants will:

  • Work with their mentor on a project that is interesting, relevant, doable, and provides experience in the fundamentals of research
  • Meet directly with your mentor a minimum of 8 times per year
  • Attend PUBLISH pathway meetings every 1-2 months for didactic instruction, guided work on their project, and peer mentoring
  • Commit a minimum of one, 2-week elective to deep participation in their scholarly work
  • Participate in PUBLISH retreats
  • Work with their mentor toward project dissemination including:
    • Abstract submission to the UW’s Annual Pediatrics Research Week
    • Abstract submission to a regional or national meeting, with protected time & funding available to attend if accepted
    • Begin writing a manuscript
  • Receive a Certificate of PUBLISH Pathway completion at the end of residency



Q: What if I am also applying to the Global Health Pathway?

A: We work to accommodate dual pathway partcipation as much as possible. For scheduling purposes, we will ask residents to identify a “primary pathway.” The primary pathway designation will be used to prioritize for scheduling if a conflict arises.

Q: How much prior research experience do PUBLISH pathway participants need?

A: We welcome residents of all levels of expertise– from those who are dipping their toes into research for the first time to those who have participated in many previous projects! Many of the pathway activities can be tailored to an individual resident’s level of experience. Those with particularly extensive research experience may find some aspects of the pathway redundant. Please reach out if you would like to discuss further.

Q: Will I have to come up with my own research project?

A: Residents will work with a mentor to define a project within the resident’s area of interest AND the mentor’s area of expertise. We have mentors from many pediatric disciplines, and who perform varied types of research. Residents can choose to receive directive guidance on project ideas, or develop something themselves with the assistance of a mentor. Core PUBLISH mentors receive training and peer support on mentoring residents. We will guide residents to ensure that the project is doable, provides experience in the fundamentals of research, and allows for an optimal mentorship experience. We strive to pair mentors & mentees based on resident preferences, career needs, and level of experience.

How to Apply

All students matching in our program will be given information on joining the PUBLISH pathway after match day. This is a non-competitive application process.