Our program offers many opportunities for clinical research. Basic and translational research opportunities include genetic contributors to premature birth and its complications, chronic lung disease of prematurity, infection and inflammation, infant nutrition, iron metabolism, respiratory drive, physiology vascular adaptations in pregnancy, and vision research. Opportunities also exist for clinical research projects, including psychophysiological neonatal patterns, studies on patients returning to the follow-up clinic, and studies on models and methods of maternal-infant health care delivery. Ongoing projects in epidemiology use an extensive regional and statewide perinatal database to include all phases of perinatal health care, including neonatal follow-up. Because the Department of Pediatrics has a strong medical ethics program, trainees are afforded the option of pursuing perinatal medical ethics.

The division's ongoing research is supported by the Meriter Foundation, Department of Pediatrics, and other private foundations and government agencies.