Resident and Clinical Fellow R&D

For questions on R&D funding, please contact a member of the Research Administrative Team

Resident and Clinical Fellow Research & Development Award

Deadline:  FRIDAY, May 24, 2024 by 11:59pm

The purpose of the R&D Award Fund is to support research activities, including quality improvement (QI). Funds are awarded with the expectation that they will support activities leading to scholarly output, such as presentations, publications and/or grant applications.

The following funding limits apply:
• Up to $2,500 per Resident application
• Up to $5,000 per Clinical Fellow application

*Be sure to complete the application form in its entirety when ready to submit, as there is NOT an option to save the form and return*

Commonly Budgeted Expenses

  • Undergraduate student hourly support:  ~$10-15/hour, plus fringe benefits
  • Research/Study Coordinator:  Department Study Coordinators, $60/hour
  • Supplies:  supplies for interviews/focus groups, meals, office supplies, mailings, etc.
  • Participant Incentives:  incentives might range from $10-40/participant and $20-100/interview