Jackson Research Group

The Jackson research group is interested in furthering our understanding of the pathogenesis and treatment of childhood asthma, with a focus on host-microbe interactions in both the inception and exacerbation of disease. The long-term goal is asthma prevention.

Dr. Jackson is the PI of clinical trials within the NHLBI-funded AsthmaNet [Step-Up Yellow Zone Inhaled Corticosteroids to Prevent Asthma Exacerbations (STICS)] and the NIAID-funded Inner City Asthma Consortium [Mechanisms Underlying Asthma Exacerbations Prevented and Persistent with Immune Based Therapy: A Systems Approach (MUPPITS)].

Dr. Jackson is leading additional studies aimed at identifying mechanisms by which viruses [rhinoviruses (RV-A, B and C) and enterovirus-D68] lead to wheezing and asthma exacerbations. These studies are examining the host response to infection and also interactions with the microbiome.