2021 DiSH – WI Session #16 – Short Introduction to Health Transition and Got Transition?


UW Health Pediatric Diabetes, Keys to Independence Booklet: https://www.uwhealth.org/files/kids/docs/pedsdiabetes/peds_diabetes_keys_independence.pdf

Endocrine Society Transition Readiness Assessment: https://www.endocrine.org/-/media/endocrine/files/practice/ts_transition_readiness_assessment.pdf

Got Transition Readiness Assessment Tool (English): https://www.gottransition.org/resource/?tra-iep-english

Got Transition Readiness Assessment Tool (Spanish): https://www.gottransition.org/resource/?tra-iep-spanish

2021 #AdultingwithDiabetes Class Recordings and Resources:

Segment 1: – Planning Ahead with Dr. Ellen Connor (22 minutes)

Segment 3: – Eating for Health with Drs. Rachel Fenske and Grace Dawkins (18 minutes)

Mental health resources (pdf)

Grocery list (pdf)

Diabetes medical info sheet (pdf)

FAQ (pdf)

General Transition presentation slides (Tim Markle)

Diabetes Transition presentation slides (Dr. Tracy Bekx)