Students & Faculty Mentors Selected for the Shapiro Summer Research Program

The following students and their mentors were recently awarded Shapiro Summer Research Awards. The Shapiro Summer Research Program provides opportunities for first-year medical students to participate in eight- to 12-week summer research projects with UW-Madison faculty members. First-year medical students apply at the beginning of each calendar year with basic science, clinical, translational, public health, or health systems projects. Funding for the program comes from the Herman and Gwendolyn Shapiro Foundation, with additional support from SMPH departments, centers and investigator grants. 

Congratulations to the following faculty and students:

  • Trevor Cooper with mentor, Elizabeth Petty, MD – “Enhancing Outcomes and Optimizing Learning through Gathering Timely Student Input: A Quality Improvement Approach” 
  • Nithin Charlly with mentor, Megan Moreno, MD, MSEd, PhD – “Analysis of Recreational Marijuana Companies’ Marketing Strategies towards Adolescents in the District of Columbia” 
  • Christie Cheng with mentor, Ryan Coller, MD, MPH – “Evaluation of Use and Usability of @HOMEv1 App to Support Enteral Tube Caregiving for Children with Medical Complexity” 
  • Natasha Dombrowski with mentor, Elizabeth Petty, MD – “Applications of Quality Improvement to Enhance Constructive and Timely Communication From Administration, Faculty, Staff to Medical Students” 
  • Jacob Faultersack with mentor, Ryan McAdams, MD – “Essential Laboratory Testing: A Care Conscious Strategy to Improve Quality and Cost Savings in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit” 
  • Michelle Larson with mentor, Elizabeth Petty, MD – “Perceptions of Genetic Testing Among Adult International Adoptees” 
  • Nicholas Mathers with mentor, Paul Sondel, MD, PhD – “Engaging innate and adaptive immunity against cancer” 
  • Peter Ngo with mentor, James Conway, MD – “Exploring barriers to eliminating TB in a highly endemic population” 
  • Simarjeet Puri with mentor Elizabeth Petty, MD – “Improving Career Advising and Counseling at UWSMPH” 
  • Luke Richard with mentor, Matthew Harer, MD – “Use of near infrared spectroscopy to detect acute kidney injury in preterm infants” 
  • Megan Roedel with mentor, Nicole St Clair, MD – “Tri 4 Schools: Is It Making a Difference for School Age Children?” 
  • Ethan Rosen with mentor, Pamela Kling, MD – “Understanding the Etiology of Intrauterine Growth Restriction” 
  • Nicholas Spoerk with mentor, James Conway, MD – “Health outcomes of diarrheal disease in water-limited conditions: Cape Town, South Africa’s drought as a case study” 
  • Michelle Su with mentor, Olachi Mezu-Ndubuisi, MD, OD – “Implementing an E-learning program to Increase Knowledge of Chronic Disease Management in Cataract Patients in Imo State, Nigeria – a pilot study” 
  • Ben Zellmer with mentor, Michelle Kelly, MD – “Sharing Doctors’ Notes with Parents of Hospitalized Children”