Psychosocial Adjustments

Thanks to the over 100 school nurses and health care professionals who came together to discuss psychosocial challenges and brainstorm strategies in the care of students with diabetes. Check out some highlights from the discussion and expert recommended resources below.

  • The school nurse is at the center of a student’s healthcare team – the school nurse plays a key role in facilitating communication and collaboration between student, families, medical provider team and the school community.
  • We can reduce burden of psychosocial challenges by connecting with, empowering and collaborating with students – The school nurse is an excellent advocate for the student, and understands the individual day-to-day circumstances, and has the potential to be an influential member of the healthcare team.
  • It takes a village: Involve other resources to support students coping with diabetes – Consider involving other school resources to support the students’ needs – depending on the situation and school resources available, this can include social work, psychology/counselor, case manager, community organizations and sometimes child protection services.

DiSH Session 4 Presentation (.pdf)