Grant Support

Faculty/Role Funding Agency Title
Baker, Mei Wang (co-PI) with Seroogy, Christine (co-PI) UW Office of the Provost Development and implementation of rapid genetic test to improve health outcomes in Wisconsin plain newborns
Baker, Mei Wang (co-I) CDC Implementing newborn screening for X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy and streamlining two-tier testing algorithm in tandem mass spectrometry (2022-2024)
Baker, Mei Wang (co-I) Medical College of Wisconsin/CDC Sickle cell data collection program in Wisconsin
Baker, Mei Wang (PI) with
Farrell, Phillip (co-PI)
Legacy of Angels Foundation
Assessing the added value of whole genome sequencing in Cystic Fibrosis newborn screening
Baker, Mei Wang (PI) CDC Supplemental funding to expedite public health implementation of newborn bloodspot screening to detect Spinal Muscular Atrophy (2020-2024)
Baker, Mei Wang (co-I) with
Goetz, Elizabeth (co-I) and
Hokanson, John (PI)
DHHS – HRSA Wisconsin congenital heart disease newborn screening program – SHINE
Baker, Mei Wang (PI) Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc.
Development of a newborn screening assay for Angelman Syndrome
Baker, Mei Wang;
with Wald, Ellen (co-I) and Seroogy, Christine (PI)
Wisconsin Partnership Program Improved health care delivery to Wisconsin Amish infants
Meyn, M. Stephen (PI) UW OVCRGE/WARF A critical tool for human genomics and precision medicine: De novo human genome assembly
Petty, Elizabeth (PI) American Medical Association Foundation Advancing care and optimizing health in the LGBTQ+ community: Focus on primary care and health equity (2021-2025)
Steiner, Robert (Co-I) NIH/NHGRI Linking variants to multi-scale phenotypes via a synthesis of subnetwork inference and deep learning” (2021-2026)
Steiner, Robert (Multiple PI) NIH/NINDS Development of N-tert-(Butyl)hydroxylamine (NtBuHA) as a therapeutic agent for treating Infantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (INCL)” (2021-2023)
Wargowski, David (PI) Wisconsin Dept of Health Services Wisconsin congenital disorder/newborn screening program