Current Grant Support

John Hokanson, MD

J. Carter Ralphe, MD

NIH/NHLBI & New England Research Institutes, Inc. (U24 HL135691), “Dyslipidemia of obesity intervention in teens (DO IT!) trial” (2019-2024). Peterson, Site PI

NIH/NHLBI (R01 HL061374), “Optimized measurement and signal processing of fetal MCG” (1999-2021). Srinivasan, Co-Investigator

Wisconsin Partnership Program, “Improved diagnosis of familial hypercholesterolemia in children and families through the Wisconsin Pediatric Lipid Consortium (WPLC)” (2017-2019). Peterson, PI

Altatherea Pharmaceuticals, “Intravenous sotalol in pediatric and congenital patients: A multi-center registry study” (2018-ongoing). Von Bergen, Site PI

Duke University & Familial Hypercholesterolemia Foundation, “The familial hypercholesterolemia foundation CASCADE-FH registry” (2016-ongoing). Peterson, site PI

Hospital for Sick Children, “Defibrillation testing at the time of cardioverter defibrillation implantation in pediatric and congenital heart disease patients” (2015-ongoing). Von Bergen, site PI

Washington University & Medtronic, Inc., “Recovery time and patient satisfaction in pediatric patients following implantable loop recorder implant: LINQ vs. REVEAL” (2015-ongoing). Von Bergen, site PI