Scott Fites, PhD, Awarded Fellowship from the Hartwell Foundation

Congratulations to Scott Fites, PhD, and his mentor, Bruce Klein, MD, for their recent fellowship award from the Hartwell Foundation. This 2-year grant, titled “Harnessing a long-lived neutrophil to fight systemic fungal infections,” awards $100,000 to Dr. Fites to support his research on invasive fungal infections, which take the lives of many vulnerable children-those receiving long-term intravenous catheters, organ-transplants, or a diagnosis of cancer are at exceptionally high risk. A small and poorly-understood population of white blood cells, called neutrophil-dendritic cells, potently kill fungal pathogens, and this project aims to elucidate the signals that cause neutrophil-dendritic cells to emerge. A goal of this project is also to develop adoptive transfer therapy of neutrophil-dendritic cells into pre-clinical models of invasive fungal infection that are receptive to transfer of human cells.