Grant Support

Current Support

NIH/NICHD (R01 HD098202), “Perinatal stroke: Longitudinal assessment of infant brain organization and recovery through neuroexcitability, neuroimaging and motor development” (2021-2026).  McAdams, Co-Investigator

Meriter Foundation, “Association of neurovascular dysfunction with fetal acidosis and mast cell activation” (2023).  McAdams, PI

Meriter Foundation, “Healthy little eyes” (2023).  McAdams, Co-Investigator

Completed Support

Child Health Imprints, LLC, “Use of the iNICU platform for optimizing the workflow of NICU and improving the quality of clinical care” (2020-2021).  McAdams, PI

Meriter Foundation, “A pregnancy, birth and lactation support program to increase exclusive breastfeeding rates in African American women” (2019-2021).  McAdams, PI