Families and Mindfulness Research Team (Mathur)

Dr. Mathur’s research interests focus on child and parent resilience using mindfulness practices to reduce stress and improve health outcomes.

Our Mission: To improve the lives of children and families by promoting evidence-based principles of mindfulness including the use of these principles for the management of pediatric-specific conditions.

Our Values include:

  • An evidence-based approach to promoting mindfulness practices based on current research
  • Collaborating with researchers, educators, and clinicians and families to promote a holistic approach to patient care using mindfulness and meditation practice
  • Supporting a multidisciplinary and diverse research team

Our Vision: To teach parents how to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives as a parenting tool and to give children and adolescents tools and practices that they can utilize to promote healthy relationships and mental health.

Main areas of focus

Parents perspectives of learning about mindfulness

Meditation and yoga are increasingly recognized as beneficial in our culture, but little is known about the parent perspective of learning about mindfulness practices to benefit themselves and their children. Our work focuses on understanding this through both quantitative surveys and qualitative research studies aimed at answering this question.

Health equity and mindfulness

While mindfulness practices have been mostly targeted at women of higher socioeconomic status, our research suggests that parents of all income levels and race/ethnicity believe these practices can be beneficial and have an interest in learning about mindfulness. Our next steps are to bring evidence-based mindfulness practices to children and families with lower socioeconomic status.

Mala Mathur, MD, MPH
Clinical Associate Professor