Grant Support

Current Grant Support

NIH/NIGMS (R35GM118027), “Cell migration and wound repair” (2021-2026). Huttenlocher, PI

NIH/NIAID (R21 AI159312), “Imaging immunometabolism in live animals during host defense” (2021-2023).  Huttenlocher, PI

NIH/NIAID (R01 AI134749), ” Microscale models of inflammation and its resolution” (2018-2023).  Huttenlocher, Co-PI

NIH/NIGMS (R35 GM118027), “Cell migration and wound repair” (2016-2021).  Huttenlocher, PI

NIH/NIGMS (T32 GM008692), “Integrated training for physician-scientist” (2012-2021). Huttenlocher, PI

NIH/NCI (R01 CA085862), “Adhesive regulation during cell migration” (2000-2021). Huttenlocher, PI

Completed Grant Support

Wisconsin Partnership Program, “Towards an integrated understanding of stress, inflammation and immune response” (2019-2021). Huttenlocher, PI

Cancer Research Institute, “Role of innate immune system in fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma – Fhl2 as a putative molecular target” (2017-2020).  Huttenlocher, Sponsor; De Oliveira, Post-doctoral Fellow

Duke University, “Childhood arthritis and rheumatology research alliance registry (CARRA Registry)” (2012-2020).  Huttenlocher, site PI

UW Office of the VCGRE, “Engineering leukocytes generated from human iPS cells to treat human disease” (2017-2019). Huttenlocher, PI

NIH/NIAID (K08 AI132720), “Fungal and host factors in initiation of cryptococcal persistence” (2018). Huttenlocher, Mentor to J. Muse Davis

American Heart Association (17POST33410970), “Mechanisms of macrophage-dependent neutrophil reverse migration during tissue damage” (2017-2018).  Huttenlocher, Mentor; Miskolci, Post-doctoral Fellow

Cancer Research Institute, “The role of neutrophilis and CXCL8-CXCR1/2 signaling in glioblastoma cell invasion” (2015-2018). Huttenlocher, Sponsor; Powell, Post-doctoral Fellow

Vilas (William F) Trust Estate, “Vilas distinguished achievement professorship” (2012-2018).  Huttenlocher, PI

European Molecular Biology Organization, “In vivo study of the interaction between the transcriptional coactivator FHL2 and the actin cytoskeletal protein mAbp1 during invasive migration” (2015-2017). Huttenlocher, Mentor; De Oliveira, Post-doctoral Fellow

NIH/NIAID (F32 AI113956), “The role of rac and ROS in the control of Aspergillus Infection” (2015-2016). Huttenlocher, Mentor; Rosowski, Post-doctoral Fellow

NIH/NIGMS (R01 GM102924), “A toolkit for imaging and photo-manipulation of signaling in zebrafish” (2012-2016).  Huttenlocher, PI

National Science Foundation (EFRI-1136903), “Microfluidic-based screening of multi-Kingdom microbial communication molecules” (2011-2016).  Huttenlocher, Co-PI

NIH/NIGMS (R01 GM074827), “Neutrophil chemotaxis in auto inflammation” (2005-2016). Huttenlocher, PI

American Heart Association (13POST16190005), “Src family kinase-mediated wound inflammation in live zebrafish” (2013-2015) Huttenlocher, Mentor; Tauzin, Post-doctoral Fellow

NIH/NHLBI (F30 HL114143), “Reactive oxygen species in the resolution of inflammation” (2012-2015).  Huttenlocher, Mentor; Starnes, Pre-doctoral Fellow

NIH/NIBIB (R01 EB10039), “Understanding cell migration through microscale in vitro models” (2011-2015).  Huttenlocher, Co-PI

NIH/NIAID (R01 AI094923), “Cytoskeletal regulation of T cell-APC interactions” (2012-2014).  Huttenlocher, PI

American Heart Association (11PRE4890041), “Mechanisms regulating neutrophil migration during inflammation in vivo” (2011-2012).  Huttenlocher, Mentor; Yoo, Pre-doctoral Fellow

American Heart Association (10POST3230031), “In vitro and in vivo characterization of Hax1 and HS1 signaling during neutrophil chemotaxis.” (2010-2012). Huttenlocher, Mentor; Cavnar, Post-doctoral Fellow

Burroughs Welcome Fund, “Diagnosis and treatment of auto inflammatory disease” (2008-2012).  Huttenlocher, PI

NIH/NIAID (R01 AI068062), “Regulation of mast cell function by inhibitory molecules” (2006-2012).  Huttenlocher, PI

Milwaukee Foundation Corporation: Shaw Scientist Program, “Adhesive regulation during cell migration and invasion” (2000-2010). Huttenlocher, PI

Arthritis Foundation, “Inflammation models in zebrafish” (2005-2008). Huttenlocher, Sponsor

American Cancer Society, “Integrin regulation of cell migration and invasion” (2003-2008). Huttenlocher, PI

American Heart Association, “Calpain 2 and PIPKIgamma in the regulation of neutrophil chemotaxis” (2006-2007). Huttenlocher, Sponsor

NIH/NIAID (P01 AI50500), “Mechanisms of viral-induced asthma” (2001-2007). Huttenlocher, Co-Investigator

NIH/NIAMS (R21 AR049233), “Leukocyte motility in zebrafish” (2002-2005).  Huttenlocher, PI