Grant Support

Current Grant Support

NIH/NIAID, (R01 AI161816) “Harnessing adaptive NK cell transfer to deplete viral reservoirs” (2021-2026). Capitini, Co-Investigator

NIH/NCI (R01 CA266354), “Targeting EGR1 signaling pathways in diffuse large B cell lymphoma” (2021-2026). Capitini, Co-Investigator

American Cancer Society, “Physiologic medium to investigate conditionally essential genes in human cancer cells” (2022-2025). Capitini, Collaborator

Hartwell Foundation, “Physiologic culture platform to uncover genetic dependencies in human leukemia cells” (2022-2025). Capitini, Collaborator

NIH/NHLBI, (R01 HL153721) “Exosome educated monocytes for acute radiation syndrome” (2021-2025). Capitini, PI

Hartwell Foundation, “Safer cancer therapies using switchable immune cells” (2021-2024).  Capitini, Collaborator

UW WARF, “Programmable, pro-regenerative immune cell therapies for neurodegeneration and brain injury” (2022-2023). Capitini, Co-Investigator

UWCCC, “Predicting relapse and GVHD in allo-HSCT patients using a machine learning algorithm based on T cell specific biomarkers” (2022-2023). Capitini, Co-PI

MACC Fund, “CAR-T cells, local and molecular targeted radiotherapy, and endogenous immune activation for GD2+ cancers in mice” (2021-2023).  Capitini, PI

Hyundai Hope on Wheels, “CRISPR-edited GD2 CAR T cells for neuroblastoma” (2021-2023). Capitini, PI

UW WARF/OVCRGE, “Integration of a novel solid tumor immunotherapy platform: CAR T cells, targeted radiotherapy and cytokine therapy” (2021-2023). Capitini, PI

NIH/NCI, (P01 CA250972) “Combination CAR T cell and MTRT therapy for pediatric solid tumors” (2021-2022). Capitini, Pilot Grant PI

NSF, “Bioengineering and Characterization of a Novel Third Generation Anti-GD2 CAR-NK Cell” (2020-2023). Capitini, Mentor for Aicha Quamine

NIH/NCI (R01 CA215461), “Combining hu14.18-IL2 and NK cell infusions to treat neuroblastoma” (2018-2023). Capitini, PI

Novartis Pharmaceuticals, “Phase II study of redirected autologous T cells engineered to contain anti-CD19 attached to TCR and 4-1BB signaling domains in patients with chemotherapy resistant or refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia” (2015-ongoing). Capitini, PI

Novartis Pharmaceuticals, “Long term follow-up of patients exposed to lentiviral-based CD19 directed CART cell therapy” (2014-ongoing). Capitini, PI

Completed Grant Support

ALSF, “IL 15/TGF-beta trap fusokine for treatment of pediatric sarcomas” (2022). Capitini, Mentor to Brittany Russell

NIH/NCI/UWCCC, (P30 CA014520), “EGR1 is a new biomarker in aggressive lymphoma” (2021-2022). Capitini, Pilot Co-PI

NIH/NCI/UWCCC, (P30 CA014520), “Expressing a bispecific Chimeric Antigen Receptor to enable imaging of CAR-T cell trafficking in vivo” (2021-2022). Capitini, Pilot Co-PI

UW GIE, “Virus-free biomanufacturing of cell therapies” (2021-2022). Capitini, Co-PI

UW SMCRMC, “Identifying Mechanisms of Human T cell Activation Leading to GVHD” (2021-2022). Capitini, mentor to Nicholas Hess

NSF, “Manufacturing gene-edited and virus-free chimeric antigen receptor T cells” (2021-2022). Capitini, Co-PI

MACC Fund, “Treating post-transplant B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia with blinatumomab as a radiation sparing immunotherapy” (2020-2022). Capitini, PI

MACC Fund, “Activation of NK cells against pediatric cancers using IL-15 with TGF-beta trap” (2020-2022). Capitini, PI

UW ICTR, “Uncovering Predictive Cellular Biomarkers of GVHD Following HSCT” (2020-2022). Capitini, MPI

NIH/NCI (T32 CA009135), “Training in Cancer Biology Training Grant” (2020-2022). Capitini, Mentor to Monica Cho

UW ICTR, “Immune-based therapy of relapsed Rhabdomyosarcoma using aTEA enrichment diet and CAR-T cell construct” (2020-2022). Capitini, Mentor for Fernanda Szewc

American Cancer Society, “Ex vivo activated NK cells and immunocytokine for pediatric cancers” (2018-2022). Capitini, PI

Novartis, “A phase II, single arm, multicenter open label trial to determine the safety and efficacy of tisagenlecleucel in pediatric patients with relapsed or refractory mature B-cell non-hodgkin lymphoma” (2019-2022). Capitini, PI

AACR-St. Baldrick’s, “Immunogenomics to Create New Therapeutics for High Risk Childhood Cancers” (2017-2021). Captini, Young Investigator

MACC Fund, “Improving graft-versus-leukemia effects of ex vivo activated NK cells through JAK/STAT blockade” (2017-2021). Capitini, PI

NIH/Office of the Director (R24 OD021322), “CCR5-mutant monkey model to facilitate the development of novel stem cell-based therapies for AIDS” (2016-2021). Capitini, Co-Investigator

UW, “Treating post-transplant B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia with blinatumomab as a radiation sparing immunotherapy” (2020). Capitini, Mentor for David Turicek

St. Baldrick’s, “Vaccine and checkpoint blockade after allogeneic BMT for neuroblastoma” (2020). Capitini, Mentor to Nicholas Mohrdieck

NIH/NCI (P30 CA014520), “Image‐guided CAR T cell therapy for neuroblastoma (2019-2020). Capitini, Supplement PI

UW ICTR, “Development of pre-clinical models and clinical applications for T cell receptor alpha beta depleted haploidentical stem cell transplant” (2018-2020). Capitini, Mentor for Sean Rinella

When Everyone Survives Foundation, “IFN-gamma primed donor mesenchymal stromal cells to mitigate graft versus host disease” (2018-2020). Capitini, Co-Investigator

NSF & EAGER Biomanufacturing, “A microscale testbed to assay and manufacture CAR T-cell immunotherapies” (2016-2020). Capitini, Co-PI

UWCCC, “Optimization of CD19 CAR NK cells for B cell leukemia” (2018-2019). Capitini, PI

UWCCC, “Magnetic resonance image-guided NK cell therapy for sarcomas” (2017-2019). Capitini, Co-PI

Novartis, “A phase II, single arm, multicenter trial to determine the efficacy and safety of CTL019 in pediatric patients with relapsed and refractory B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia” (2014-2019). Capitini, PI

St. Baldrick’s, “Generating an NK-mediated graft-versus-tumor effect against osteosarcoma” (2018). Capitini, Mentor to Katharine Tippins

St. Baldrick’s Foundation, “Developing MSC-derived exosomes to enhance bone marrow transplants for pediatric leukemia” (2017-2018). Capitini, Mentor; Miriam Kim, Fellow

Hyundai Hope on Wheels, “Anti-GD2 immunocytokine and NK cell infusions for neuroblastoma” (2016-2018). Capitini, PI

NIH/NCI (K08 CA174750), “Inhibiting STAT1 as a novel graft-versus-host/graft-versus-leukemia therapy” (2014-2018). Capitini, PI

American Association of Immunologists, “AAI travel award” (2017). Capitini, PI

University of Wisconsin Fall Competition Award, “Enhancing the graft-versus-tumor effect against neuroblastoma” (2016-2017). Capitini, PI

Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, “Exploitation of the STAT1-BCL2 axis to dissect GVL from GVHD” (2015-2017). Capitini, PI

American Association for Cancer Research and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, St. Baldrick’s – Stand Up 2 Cancer Foundations “Dream Team”, “Immunogenomics to create new therapies for high-risk childhood cancers” (2013-2017). Capitini, Young Investigator

St. Baldrick’s Foundation (Nicole Piscopo, Summer Fellowship), “Tagging CAR T cells for GD2+ cancers,” (2016). Capitini, Mentor

Vilas (William F) Trust Estate, “Vilas faculty early career investigator award” (2015-2016). Capitini, PI

NIH/NCATS and University of Wisconsin Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (UL1 TR000427), “Infusing MEMs as protection from radiation injury and GVHD” (2014-2016). Capitini, ICTR Pilot Grant PI

American Society of Hematology (Tara Gavcovich, Hematology Opportunities for the Next Generation of Research Scientists), “ASH HONORS grant” (2015-2016). Capitini, Mentor

St Baldrick’s Foundation (Tara Gavcovich, Medical Student Fellowship), “Summer fellowship support” (2015). Capitini, Mentor

American Association of Immunologists (Myriam Bouchlaka, Post-doctoral Fellowship), “AAI careers in immunology fellowship” (2014-2015). Capitini, Mentor

Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) Fund, “Targeting the JAK1/STAT1 pathway to prevent GVHD and treat childhood leukemia” (2013-2015). Capitini, PI

Alex’s Lemonade Stand (Dennis Ea, Pediatric Oncology Student Training Program), “Inhibition of BCL2 in T cell ALL” (2014). Capitini, Mentor

St. Baldrick’s Foundation (Matthew Kutz, Summer Fellowship), “Monitoring of 19F-labeled NK cell trafficking for cancer immunotherapy using MRI” (2013). Capitini, PI

American Cancer Society and UW Carbone Cancer Center (Pilot Grant), “Monitoring of 19F-labeled NK cell trafficking for cancer immunotherapy using MRI” (2012-2013). Capitini, PI

Alex’s Lemonade Stand (Pediatric Oncology Student Training Program – Mallery Olsen), “Tracking of 19F labelled NK cells by MRI” (2012). Capitini, Mentor

Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) Fund, “Inhibiting STAT1 as a platform for GVHD resistance and preservation of GVL” (2011-2012). Capitini, PI

Hyundai Hope on Wheels, “Development of STAT1 inhibitors for pediatric leukemia and modulation of allogeneic bone marrow transplant” (2011-2012). Capitini, PI

Lisa’s Heart Kids’ Cancer Research Fund, “Treatment of pediatric solid tumors with natural killer cell therapy” (2009-2010). Capitini, PI