Grant Support

DHHS, NIH, R24 OD021322-01A1, “CCR5-mutant monkey model to facilitate the development of novel stem cell-based therapies for AIDS”, (2016-2020). Capitini: Co-I

University of Wisconsin Fall Competition Award, “Enhancing the graft-versus-tumor effect against neuroblastoma”, (2016-2017). Capitini: PI

NSF,EAGER BIOMANUFACTURING: A Microscale Testbed to Assay and Manufacture CAR T-Cell Immunotherapies (2016-2018). Capitini, Co-PI

St. Baldrick's, "Tagging CAR T cells for GD2+ cancers," (2016). Capitini, Principal Investigator

Novartis, “CTL019 - A Phase II, single arm, multicenter trial to determine the efficacy and safety of CTL019 in pediatric patients with relapsed and refractory B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia” (2015-ongoing). Capitini, PI

NIH-NCI (K08 CA174750), “Inhibiting STAT1 as a novel graft-versus-host/graft-versus-leukemia therapy” (2014-2018). Capitini, PI

Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, “Exploitation of the STAT1-BCL2 axis to dissect GVL from GVHD” (2015-2017). Capitini, PI

American Association for Cancer Research and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, St. Baldrick’s – Stand Up 2 Cancer Foundations “Dream Team”: “Immunogenomics to create new therapies for high-risk childhood cancers” (2013-2017). Capitini, Young Investigator

Completed Grants

Vilas (William F) Trust Estate, “Vilas faculty early career investigator award” (2015-2016). Capitini, PI

NIH-NCATS and University of Wisconsin Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (UL1 TR000427), “Infusing MEMs as protection from radiation injury and GVHD” (2014-2016). Capitini, Pilot Grant PI

American Society of Hematology (Tara Gavcovich, Hematology Opportunities for the Next Generation of Research Scientists), “ASH HONORS grant” (2015-2016). Capitini, Mentor

St Baldrick’s Foundation (Tara Gavcovich, Medical Student Fellowship), “Summer fellowship support” (2015). Capitini, Mentor

American Association of Immunologists (Myriam Bouchlaka, Post-doctoral Fellowship), “AAI careers in immunology fellowship” (2014-2015). Capitini, Mentor

Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) Fund, “Targeting the JAK1/STAT1 pathway to prevent GVHD and treat childhood leukemia” (2013-2015). Capitini, PI

Alex’s Lemonade Stand (Dennis Ea, Pediatric Oncology Student Training Program), “Inhibition of BCL2 in T cell ALL” (2014). Capitini, Mentor

St. Baldrick’s Summer Fellowship (Matthew Kutz), “Monitoring of 19F-labeled NK cell trafficking for cancer immunotherapy using MRI” (2013). Capitini, PI

UWCCC Pilot Grant, "Monitoring of 19F-labeled NK cell trafficking for cancer immunotherapy using MRI" (2012-2013). Capitini, PI

Alex’s Lemonade Stand (Pediatric Oncology Student Training Program – Mallery Olsen), “Tracking of 19F labelled NK cells by MRI” (2012). Capitini, Mentor

Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) Fund, “Inhibiting STAT1 as a platform for GVHD resistance and preservation of GVL” (2011-2012). Capitini, PI

Hyundai Hope on Wheels, “Development of STAT1 inhibitors for pediatric leukemia and modulation of allogeneic bone marrow transplant” (2011-2012). Capitini, PI

Lisa’s Heart Kids’ Cancer Research Fund, “Treatment of pediatric solid tumors with natural killer cell therapy” (2009-2010). Capitini, PI