Pediatrics IT team nominated for 2021 Administrative Improvement Award

It’s easy to forget that back in early March 2020, no one was sure yet just how bad the pandemic might be, or whether a lockdown would be required at all. Nevertheless, the Department of Pediatrics was ready when UW-Madison’s work-from-home mandate arrived thanks to the Pediatric Computer Support Services team’s foresight, teamwork, and concentrated efforts in preparing for the abrupt and massive shift to remote work. Following the initial lockdown period, the Pediatrics IT team continued to make improvements to its services and created long-lasting and invaluable administrative improvements. This, of course, was done without compromising HIPAA risk, security, or employee health. For these reasons and more, the entire team – Heather AsplundPhilip DollScott Gletty-SyoenPatrick KuhlMarc MrozinskiBen Plunkett and Mike Remick – was nominated for the 2021 Administrative Improvement Award. Congratulations on this nomination and the truly worthy recognition of your incredible impact on our organization.