Pediatric Complex Care Program Receives SPoC Awards

Congratulations to Kristan Sodergren, NP, Mary Ehlenbach, MD, and Ryan Coller, MD, MPH, on their recent awards, funded by the Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin’s Advancing Family-Centered Care Coordination for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs using a Shared Plan of Care program.

Shared Plan of Care (SPoC) for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs – $20,000

Building on work from last year’s grant which developed and piloted Shared Plans of Care for all children enrolled in the Pediatric Complex Care Program, the team will continue to refine the development, implementation, and updating process for SPoCs with a focus on making them more user-friendly. Additionally, the team will expand efforts to survey healthcare team members who interact with complex care kids in the emergency department and inpatient settings to learn how best to tailor SPoCs for these users of the document.

Youth to Adult Transitions in Youth with Special Health Care Needs – $20,000

Transferring care for children with medical complexity from pediatric to adult healthcare systems is a daunting task for youth, families and clinicians. The purposes of this project are to define the elements of an exemplary transition, create a transitions workflow for Pediatric Complex Care Program staff, and pilot these practices in children 12 and older enrolled in Pediatric Complex Care Program. Transition details and updates will be documented in the each child’s Shared Plan of Care. An emphasis will be placed on seeking input from youth, parents and future providers in developing the documentation content and process.