Megan Peters and Juan Boriosi awarded grant from Society for Pediatric Sedation

Megan E. Peters, MD
Megan Peters, MD

Congratulations to Division of Critical Care faculty members Megan Peters, MD, assistant professor, and Juan Boriosi, MD, associate professor, who were recently awarded a Society for Pediatric Sedation scholarly grant. Their one-year project, “Transitioning pediatric circumcision from the operating room to the pediatric sedation center: A pilot study,” scored the highest among the judged applications, and it was funded in the amount of $10,000.

Juan Boriosi
Juan Boriosi, MD

Because of the high cost and the increasing demand on time in the operating room, and because of the importance in ensuring a safe, high-value experience for patients and their families, this study seeks to pilot use of the pediatric sedation center as a potential alternative to the operating room for pediatric circumcision. The anticipated success of this project will engender additional discussion with other surgical services as to the feasibility of performing their minor procedures outside of an operating room setting.