Megan Peters and Haroon Ali are awarded Cars Curing Kids grant to re-demonstrate effectiveness of jet-injected subcutaneous ketamine for light pediatric sedation

Megan Peters, MD, associate professor, Division of Critical Care, and Haroon Ali, MD, PGY-5 Fellow, Division of Hospital Medicine and Complex Care, were awarded a six-month $16,593 grant from Cars Curing Kids for the project entitled, “Light Sedation for Minor Procedures Using Jet-Injected Subcutaneous Ketamine.” Prior studies on jet-injected subcutaneous ketamine are now over 20 years old and no follow-up studies have been done. This pilot study aims to re-demonstrate the adequacy of jet-injected ketamine to provide sedation to pediatric patients. Researchers will recruit patients with heightened procedural sensitivity (e.g., needle phobia, anxiety, developmental delay) referred to the Pediatric Sedation Clinic for minor procedures including immunizations, lab draws, or IV placement. This will be a small pilot study with plans to expand to larger studies if the results are encouraging.