Eldridge Lab Students Receive Awards

At the April 2016 Experimental Biology Meeting in San Diego, CA, three students in the laboratory of Marlowe Eldridge, MD, won several awards. Undergraduate students Adelaide (Atzie) Sobotik and Taylor Levin both received the David S. Bruce Outstanding Undergraduate Abstract Award, Sobotik for her abstract entitled, “Pulmonary Collagen Content in 1-Year-Old Rats Exposed to Postnatal Hyperoxia,” and Levin for his abstract entitled, “Long-term adaptations in hepatic substrate utilization in 1 year old rat model of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia.” Taylor was also awarded the David S. Bruce Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award. The David S. Bruce Outstanding Undergraduate Abstract Award provides $100 and a 2-year complimentary membership to The American Physiological Society to undergraduate students who present their research at the Experimental Biology meeting. The David S. Bruce Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award recipients receive $400 and a certificate, and are chosen based on the quality of the poster and oral presentation of the poster at the Experimental Biology meeting. Kristin Haraldsdottir, predoctoral trainee in the Eldridge lab, received the Skatrud/Rankin Travel Award for her abstract entitled, “Effect of inhaled nitric oxide on exercise capacity and pulmonary gas exchange in adult survivors of preterm birth.” This award, sponsored by the John Rankin Memorial Fund, supports conference-related expenses (travel, registration, etc.) for pre- and post-doctoral students who have abstracts accepted for presentation at scholarly conferences. These stipends are provided in memory of the valuable contributions to mentoring of research trainees provided by John Rankin, MD (1923-1981) and James B. Skatrud, MD (1947-2006). Dr. Rankin was chairman of the UW Department of Preventive Medicine (1968-1981) and Dr. Skatrud was chief of Respiratory Diseases (UW Department of Medicine) (1981-2004). Congratulations to Atzie, Taylor, and Kristin!