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Visiting Professor Program

Beginning July 1, 2025, the Department of Pediatrics will facilitate up to four one-day visiting professors per academic year. These visiting professorships can be hosted by any member of the department who submits a completed application. Prior to applying, the visiting professorship must be approved by the applicant’s division head or supervisor. Applications will be reviewed by the Visiting Professor Committee and visiting professors will be granted based on the proposal for the visit and the needs of the department.

Read more about the application process and expectations below.

Apply for a Visiting Professor!

A copy of your application will be sent to you, your division head or supervisor, and the professional development team.

Program Information

Each visiting professor grantee will receive:

  • A stipend to cover honorarium, travel, lodging, and dining for one speaker.
  • Support in planning a Pediatrics Grand Rounds for continuing medical education (CME) credit and other educational activities* for the Department of Pediatrics.
  • Support in marketing the visiting professorship.

*Other educational activities could include meeting with fellows or residents, small group meetings with faculty, workshop, etc.  



  • Before reaching out to the speaker, visiting professor grantees will have a 75-minute meeting with the professional development team, communications team, division MPA, and division head or relevant supervisor to review the visiting professorship itinerary, event date, communication plan, expectations, and check-in timelines.
  • Visiting professor grantees and members of their division or workgroup will attend the Pediatrics Grand Round and other educational activities associated with their visiting professorship in-person.
  • The Department of Pediatrics encourages visiting professor grantees and members of their division or workgroup to attend and support all visiting professorships during the academic year.

Upcoming visiting professor dates:

  • October 9, 2025
  • December 11, 2025
  • March 12, 2026
  • June 11, 2026

View our recent Flourish Hour detailing information about the Visiting Professor Program, as well as tips from department members who have successfully organized visiting professorships.

Application Information

In order to submit a completed application, you will need to provide the following items:

  1. Confirmation that the applicant has approval and support from their division head or supervisor.
  2. Vising professor/speaker name and information pertaining the speaker including: bio, proposed topic area, why they should be selected, and a recording of the speaker if available.
  3. Proposed learning outcomes for the visiting professor.
  4. A list of internal and external groups who will need to be invited.
  5. A plan detailing how the applicant and their division or workgroup will attend the Pediatrics Grand Round and other educational activities associated with their visiting professor in-person.
  6. A plan detailing how the applicant will encourage and support their division or workgroup in attending other visiting professors during the year.

Application timeline:

  • July 1, 2024 — applications become available to the Department of Pediatrics.
  • September 30, 2024 — applications close.
  • October 2024 — Visiting Professor Committee will announce visiting professor grantees.

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