Drs. Gern and Jackson Receive Supplement to ICAC Contract

Congratulations to James Gern, MD and co-investigator, Daniel Jackson, MD for their recent supplement to the Inner City Asthma Consortium (ICAC) contract, entitled, “Pets and the Infant Microbiome: Effect on Immune Maturation & Atopic Asthma.” With this award of $78,548 from the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIH-NIAID) and (University of California – San Francisco), Drs. Gern and Jackson will complete virus assessment on selected index samples collected in the ICAC PROSE clinical trial. In addition, Drs. Jackson and Gern will integrate the clinical data from the PROSE trial to develop outcomes including the number and severity of respiratory illnesses, the number and etiology for distinct viral infections, and virus-induced exacerbations of asthma.