The Department of Pediatrics highlights its outstanding clinical care, exemplary education of pediatric trainees, performance of cutting-edge research, and vigorous advocacy through a variety of mediums, including this website, Milestones (monthly newsletter), annual reports, social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) and news updates. 



Mary Stanislawski, Communications Director (Department of Pediatrics, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health). As communications director, Mary manages the internal and external communication channels of the Department of Pediatrics. Mary is also a liaison between the Department of Pediatrics and communications staff in other campus units, including UW Health, the School of Medicine and Public Health, and University Communications. 

External inquiries: Contact Mary for questions about Milestones, comments or questions regarding the Department of Pediatrics’ website or social media presence, community engagement and outreach opportunities, and inquiries for academic and research-related topics. For media inquiries or questions regarding patient-facing programs or communications, see “UW Health” below.

Internal inquiries: Please visit the Department of Pediatrics Intranet to learn how Mary can assist with your division or program’s communications goals. Content for Milestones can also be sent to Mary, and she can assist you with obtaining department logos/branding and style guides. 

Email Mary 



The Department of Pediatrics maintains presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The following are the official accounts:

UW Health

UW Health Marketing and Communications is a separate entity from the UW-Madison Department of Pediatrics communications team. UW Health Marketing and Communications is responsible for communicating with patient and consumer audiences about UW Health’s programs and services. If the end user or audience is a patient or prospective patient, you must work with UW Health. 

UW Health Marketing and Communications is open from 8 am-5 pm, Monday through Friday. Mary will gladly assist in connecting you with the appropriate contacts at UW Health. If you have an urgent need, page the offices by calling (608) 262-2122 and entering pager number 7594. A UW Health Marketing and Communications staff member is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The following web sites and newsletters are produced by the UW Health Marketing and Communications Department and/or UW Health Web Center. The Department of Pediatrics does not maintain content on these sites. Please contact UW Health directly to request changes.