Undergraduate Students Receive UW Sophomore Research Fellowships

Congratulations to the following undergraduate students on their receipt of a UW Sophomore Research Fellowship.  Each student will receive $2,500 in unrestricted funding and $500 is awarded to the faculty advisor to cover research expenses related to the project.

  • Dominique Petty (mentor:  J. Carter Ralphe, MD), “Mutations in Cardiac Myosin Binding Protein C (cMyBP-C), and its Linkage to Familial Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy”
  • Joseph Heyrman (mentor:  Bikash Pattnaik, PhD), “Why Does the T153I Missense Mutation in the KCNJ13 Gene Cause Blindness?”
  • Dan Spiegelman (mentor:  Paul Sondel, MD, PhD), “Development of Radioresistance in Lymphoma”

For more information on the application process:  https://awards.advising.wisc.edu/all-scholarships/sophomore-research-fellowship/