Ashley Kuhl, MS, CGC

Position title: Assistant Professor, Assistant Program Director

Division of Genetics & Metabolism
For Academic Inquiries: (608) 265-4806


BS, University of WisconsinMadison, Madison, Wisconsin  
MS, Medical Genetics, University of WisconsinMadison, Madison, Wisconsin 

Professional Activities

Ashley Kuhl is assistant professor (CHS) in the Division of Genetics and Metabolism. She is also assistant program director for the School of Medicine and Public Health Master of Genetic Counselor Studies (MGCS) program where she instructs genetic counseling students. Kuhl coordinates fieldwork placements and training for fieldwork supervisors, and she serves on the admissions, advisory, and performance review committee for this program. Outside of the MGCS program, she teaches introductory genetics concepts in the phase I ForWard curriculum. 

Clinical Interests

Kuhl is a senior genetic counselor serving patients with a known or suspected genetic condition. She is particularly interested in newborn screening and is a member of the Wisconsin Newborn Screening Subcommittee.  

Research Interests

Kuhl’s research interests relate to clinical genetics training for genetic counseling students and  other health professional students, as well as for non-genetics providers in order to increase access for genetics services. Her previous research has focused on care for Wisconsin Plain — Amish and Mennonite — communities. She was a member of the Amish Project, a program supported by a Wisconsin Partnership Program grant. Other projects include investigating financial access to the genetic counseling profession.