School Nurses

More than 90 school nurses and health care professionals came together to discuss COVID-19 and the impact on students with chronic illness. See below for ideas shared during the session and additional resources from our featured speakers. 

  • Some school nurses are putting together basic information for families about how to stay well/avoid illness (Suggestion to make sure advice is within RN Scope of practice, cite sources of information)
  • It was suggested that school nurses (depending on assigned job duties) may want to identify students/families who could benefit from ongoing support and use creative ways (phone, text, etc.) to touch base and encourage compliance with medication regimens and treatments.
  • For schools that will hand out lunches or have times for students to return to pick up supplies, it was recommended that school nurses work with other leadership at the school to encourage social distancing and develop strategies to allow student needs to be met while avoiding crowds or increasing risk for the spread of illness.

DiSH Session 3 Presentation (.pdf)