Researchers Awarded Meriter Foundation Funding

Congratulations to the following researchers on their awards from the Meriter Foundation:

  • Pamela Kling, MD, received $35,000 for her project, “Iron-Regulated Proteins in Newborns Born After Obese Pregnancies”
  • De-Ann Pillers, MD, PhD, received $35,000 for her project, “Mechanism of Hyperoxia-Induced Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in a BPD Lung Cell Model”
  • Bikash Pattnaik, PhD, received $35,000 for his project, “Oxytocinergic Signaling in the Eye: Its Contribution to Retinopathy of Prematurity”
  • Jamie Limjoco, MD, received $12,753 for her project, “PANDAS – Providing Amplitude Integrated Electroencephalography in Neonates with Drug Abstinence Syndrome”
  • Elizabeth Goetz, MD, MPH, received $5,000 for her project, “Does Prenatal Counseling Foster Parent-Provider Collaboration in the Care of Infants with NAS?”
  • Georgia Ditzenberger, NNP-BC, PhD, received $8,700 for her project, “Neonatal Resuscitation Simulation Training”
  • Michael Porte, MD, received $6,000 for his project, “New Directions in NICU Education: Two-Way Communication Between Meriter and AFCH”