Grant Support

NIH/NIAID, "Brucella Survival Strategy Requires Endoplasmic Reticulum Restructuring and Interferes with Innate Immunity," (2016-2020). Smith, Co-Investigator/Subaward Principal Investigator

NIH-NIEHS, “Pathogenic studies in families with twins or siblings discordant for systemic rheumatic disorders” (2011-ongoing). Smith, Site PI

NIH-NIAID and Federal University of Minas Gerais (R01 AI116453), “Brucella survival strategy requires endoplasmic reticulum restructuring and interferes with innate immunity” (2015-2020). Smith, Co-Investigator

NIH-NHLBI (P01 HL070831), “COAST - rhinovirus infection and asthma in children and adolescents” (2011-2018). Smith, Project I Co-Investigator

NIH-NIAID (F31 AI115931), “The role of the unfolded protein response in Brucella melitensis replication” (2014-2017). Smith, Mentor

NIH-NIAID (R01 AI073558), “Brucella epitope recognition by CD8+ t cells” (2012-2017). Smith, Co-PI

NIH/UW ICTR, "Development of IL-17 Targeting Small Molecule Therapeutics for Autoimmune Diseases" (2015-2016). Smith, Principal Investigator

Rheumatology Research Foundation, “Analysis of causal variants in the IL-23/IL-17 pathway” (2013-2015). Smith, PI

Completed Grants

NIH-NIAID and University of Chicago (U54 IA057153), “The role of the host unfolded protein response in Brucella replication” (2013-2014). Smith, Subaward PI

University of Wisconsin Graduate School, “The role of the host unfolded protein response in Brucella replication” (2013-2014). Smith, PI

American College of Rheumatology, “Excess IL-23 production in ankylosing spondylitis and related spondyloarthritides” (2012-2013). Smith, PI

Arthritis National Research Foundation, “Excess IL-23 production and underlying mechanisms in macrophages from ankylosing spondylitis patients” (2011-2012). Smith, PI

University of Wisconsin Graduate School, “The interaction of IFN-beta and endoplasmic reticulum stress in mediating hepatic ischemia reperfusion injury” (2011-2012). Smith, PI

NIH-NIAID (K08 AI081045), “Regulation of IFN-β induction by P2X7 purinergic receptor signaling” (2009-2012). Smith, PI

Novartis, “CACZ885D2306 An open-label, long-term safety and efficacy study of ACZ885 (anti-interleukin-1b monoclonal antibody) administered for at least 6 months in patients with the following cryopyrin-associated periodic syndromes: familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome, muckle-wells syndrome, or neonatal onset multisystem inflammatory disease” (2008-2011). Smith, Site PI

NIH-NCRR (UL1 RR025011), “ER stress and cytokine regulation” (2008-2009). Smith, KL2 Scholar

University of Wisconsin Graduate School, “An investigation of the interaction between the unfolded protein response, HLA-B27 and inflammatory cytokine production in macrophages” (2008-2009). Smith, PI

NIH-NCRR (UL1 TR025011), “ER Stress and cytokines in ankylosing spondylitis” (2008-2009). Smith, Pilot Grant PI

Arthritis Foundation (post-doctoral fellowship), “HLA-B27 misfolding and cytokine regulation” (2004-2007). Smith, PI