Research & Educational Opportunities

In addition to research projects, our team manages ongoing programs.

SMAHRT Research Interns: Our team’s mission includes providing training to the next generation of researchers. We invite undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds to join our team as interns and contribute to our work. All undergraduate interns are provided the opportunity to pursue an independent research project to fully experience the role of being an investigator.  For more information on our research intern program, please email

SMAHRT Promotion interns: As researchers, we recognize the importance of disseminating and promoting the work that we and others do so that new knowledge can be used by adolescents, young adults and their families. We welcome promotion interns, typically with backgrounds in journalism or communication, to join our team.  Promotion interns work to disseminate research findings via traditional and social media venues, develop independent projects, and maintain our presence on social media. For more information on our research intern program, please email

Summer Research Scholars, Hosted By SMAHRT: This program invites adolescents interested in research to learn about our research methods.  For more information about the program, please see our flier. To apply for the program, please visit