Grant Support

Current Grant Support

Pivotal Ventures Foundation, “Technology and adolescent mental wellness program” (2018-2020). Moreno, Senior Program Advisor

Facebook, Inc., “Youth research fund” (2018-2020).  Moreno, PI

NIH/NICHD (R21 HD090221) “Understanding the impact of bullying news coverage on youth and families: Implications for future interventions” (2017-2020). Moreno, PI

NIH/NIDA (R01 DA041641), “Marijuana ads in traditional and social media: Influence and policy implications” (2016-2020). Moreno, PI

NIH/NIAAA (R34 AA025159), “SM BASICS: Development and testing of a social media intervention” (2015-2020). Moreno, PI

Completed Grant Support

Northeast Portland Area Indian Health Board, “THRIVE: Reducing teen suicide in American Indian & Native American populations” (2017-2019). Moreno, Collaborator

NIH/NIAID & University of Washington (P30 AI027757), “Social media for ART adherence and retention in adolescents and young adults: the Vijana-SMART study” (2017-2019). Moreno, Co-Investigator

Children and Screens, Institute of Digital Media and Child Development & Wellesley College, “Parent and peer influences on social media use in early adolescence: Implications for psychosocial and behavioral health” (2017-2018). Moreno, Co-Investigator

NIH/NCI (R03 CA201953), “Adolescent tanning and social media” (2015-2017). Moreno, PI

NIH/NHLBI (R01 HL114912), “Healthy children, strong families: American Indian communities preventing obesity” (2012-2016). Moreno, Co-Investigator

NIH/NIDA (R01 DA031580), “Using media to explore mechanisms of behavior change among college students” (2010-2015). Moreno, PI

NIH/NIAAA (R21 AA017936), “Use of social networking web sites for problem drinking screening in adolescents” (2009-2011). Moreno, PI

NIH/NIAAA (R03 AA019572), “Facebook: A screening tool to identify alcohol use among female college freshmen” (2009-2011). Moreno, PI