Grant Support

Current Grant Support  

UPH-Meriter Foundation, “Inflammatory Biomarkers as Predictors of Neonatal Disease (IPN) Project” (2021). Mezu-Ndubuisi, PI

NIH/NEI, Loan Repayment Program Pediatric Research Award, (2019-2020). Mezu-Ndubuisi, PI.

Shire Human Genetic Therapies, Inc. (SHP-607-201), “Long-term outcome of children enrolled in study ROPP-2008-01 previously treated with rhIGF-1/rhIGFBP-3 for the prevention of retinopathy of prematurity or who received standard neonatal care” (2016-2021). Mezu-Ndubuisi, PI

Completed Grant Support

Meriter Foundation, “Monitoring predictors of chronic lung disease and length of stay – lessons learned” (2017). Mezu-Ndubuisi, PI

NIH/NEI, Loan repayment program pediatric research award, (2015-2017). Mezu-Ndubuisi, PI.

UW SMPH Centennial Scholarship, “The role of nutrition on retinal function, structure, and angiogenesis using an in vivo mouse model of retinopathy of prematurity” (2014-2017). Mezu-Ndubuisi, PI

Shire Human Genetic Therapies, Inc. (ROPP-2008-01), “Determination of the rhIGF-1/rhIGFBP-3 dose, administered as a continuous infusion, required to establish and maintain longitudinal serum IGF-1 levels within physiological levels in premature infants, to prevent retinopathy of prematurity – a phase 2, randomized controlled, assessor-blind, dose-confirming, pharmacokinetic, safety and efficacy, multi-center study” (2015-2016). An international multi-centered trial – Mezu-Ndubuisi, Site PI

Meriter Foundation, “Identifying Fluids, Oxygen, Calories and Infection (FOCI) Multi-system Strategies to Reduce Chronic Lung Disease” (2015-2016). Mezu-Ndubuisi, PI