Grant Support

Current Grant Support

UnityPoint Health Meriter Foundation, “SSRI Exposure during Gestation: Earlier Birth, Low Birth weight or Small for Gestational Age” (2022). Kling, PI

NIH/NICHD & University of Minnesota (R01 HD089989), “Detection and correction of iron deficiency induced abnormal brain metabolism.” (2017-2022). Kling, Co-Investigator

UnityPoint Health Meriter Foundation, “Impact of prenatal depression & anxiety on iron-mediated inflammatory pathways in infant behavior & brain development” (2019). Kling, PI

NIH/NICHD (T32 HD041921), “Training grant for endocrinology reproductive physiology graduate program” (2014-2019). Kling, Senior Trainer

NIH/NICHD (R13 HD036244), “Perinatal research society annual meeting” (2014-2019). Kling, Co-Investigator

Completed Grant Support

UW Office of VCRGE, “Cellular signaling and disordered nephrogenesis during intrauterine growth restriction” (2017-2018). Kling, PI

NIH/NIAAA & University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (R01 AA022999), “Prenatal alcohol exposure disrupts maternal-fetal iron metabolism in FASD” (2014-2018). Kling, Co-PI

Meriter Foundation, “Recombinant erythropoietin as a renal protective agent in prematurity” (2017). Kling, PI

Gerber Foundation “Impact of obesity during pregnancy on neonatal iron status and programming of inflammatory response patterns” (2014-2017). Kling, PI

NIH/NHLBI (R01 HL117341), “Endothelial function in a model of IUGR induced by uterine space restriction” (2013-2017). Kling, Co-Investigator

Meriter Foundation, “Multifetal gestation pregnancies, fetal kidney dysfunction and programming of life-long BP” (2016). Kling, PI

Meriter Foundation, “Developmental programming: iron deficiency and inflammatory obesity mediators (IDIOM) study” (2015). Kling, PI

Meriter Foundation, “Iron-regulated proteins in newborns born after obese pregnancies” (2014). Kling, PI

Meriter Foundation, “Iron status linking obesity during pregnancy and asthma in offspring” (2013). Kling, PI

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, “Relationship between fetal iron deficiency and cytokine production” (2011-2013). Kling, PI

NIH/NICHD (R01 HD057064), “Gestational stress and impaired iron homeostasis in the young infant” (2009-2013). Kling, Co-Investigator

Thrasher Research Fund, “Early screening and interventions for iron deficiency in infancy”, (2009-2013). Kling, PI

Meriter Foundation, “The interplay between fetal iron status and kidney development” (2012). Kling, PI

University of Wisconsin Graduate School, “Regulating iron transfer in fetal growth restriction” (2011-2012). Kling, PI

University of Wisconsin Medical Education and Research Committee, “Closing the gap on pediatric health disparities: discerning the causes and consequences of iron deficiency in infancy” (2008-2012). Kling, PI

Meriter Foundation, “Delayed cord clamping as an intervention for infants at-risk for iron deficiency” (2008-2010). Kling, PI

NIH/NHLBI (R01 HL087144, supplement), “Physiologic cardiovascular & uterine eNOS responses: role of endogenous estrogen” (2008-2010). Kling, Supplement PI

University of Wisconsin Graduate School, “Fetal iron deficiency and programming of blood pressure in rats” (2008-2009). Kling, PI

University of Wisconsin Graduate School, “Fetal iron deficiency and programming of blood pressure in rats” (2007-2008). Kling, PI

Thrasher Research Fund, “Correlation of tissue iron stores and zinc protoporphyrin/heme ratios” (2005-2008). Kling, PI

University of Wisconsin Medical School, “Defining the spectrum of iron status in neonatal rats,” (2004-2005). Kling, PI

University of Wisconsin Graduate School, “Iron transporters in rat development,” (2004-2005). Kling, PI

Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute (life cycle grant), “Developmental erythropoiesis,” (2004-2005). Kling, PI

University of Wisconsin Clinical Research Center Clinical Research Feasibility Funds (CREFF), “Zinc protoporphyrin ratios and birth weight” (2004). Kling, PI