Grant Support

Current Grant Support

NIH/NIAID (U19 AI142720), “Novel antimicrobials targeting MDR pathogens from animal microbial symbionts” (2019-2024).  Klein, Core D Co-Leader

NIH/NIAID (R01 AI040996), “Mechanisms of antifungal vaccine immunity” (2019-2024). Klein, PI; Wüthrich, MPI

University of Massachusetts & NIH/NIAID, “Identification of human T cell epitopes of pathogenic fungi” (2019-2024). Klein & Wüthrich, Co-Investigators

Interior, US Geological Society, “A bat skin model to identify therapeutic approaches that enhance fungal recognition and augment innate immune response to White-Nose Syndrome” (2020-2022). Klein, PI

NIH/NIAID (R01 AI130411), “Lung epithelial cell regulation of immunity to inhaled fungi” (2018-2022). Klein, PI

NIH/NIMHD (F30 MD011547), “Pathogenesis of fungal infectious disease in the Hmong population” (2017-2021). Klein, Mentor to R. Merkhofer

NIH/NIAID (R01 AI093553), “Regulation of vaccine-induced anti-fungal Th17 cells” (2017-2021). Wüthrich, PI; Klein, Co-Investigator

Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, “Fungal kingdom: Threats & opportunities” (2019-2020). Klein, PI

The Hartwell Foundation, “Harnessing a long-lived neutrophil to fight systemic fungal infections” (2018-2020). Klein, mentor for J.S. Fites

The Hartwell Foundation, “Elucidating the induction of allergic asthma by the pulmonary epithelium” (2015-2020). Klein, Mentor for D. Wiesner

NIH/NIAID (R01 AI035681), “Molecular pathogenesis of Blastomycosis” (2004-2020). Klein, PI

Completed Grant Support

Interior, US Geological Society, “A novel method for assessing vaccines against White Nose Syndrome using a mouse model” (2018-2019). Klein, PI

UW Office of the VCGRE, “The human microbiome in health and disease” (2017-2019). Klein, Co-PI

NIH/NIAID (R21 AI123758), “Hybrid histidine kinase: a drug target and path to anti-fungal drug development” (2016-2019). Klein, PI

NIH/NIAID (T32 AI055397), “Microbes in health & disease training grant” (2008-2019). Klein, PI and Director

Burroughs Wellcome Fund, “Role of airway epithelial cells in host defense against pulmonary fungal pathogens” (2016-2019). Klein, Mentor to N. Hernandez-Santos

Wisconsin Partnership Program, “Genetic susceptibility to infection in Wisconsin Hmong” (2015-2019). Klein, PI

NIH/NIAID (U19 AI109673), “Antimicrobial drug discovery from coevolved symbiotic communities” (2014-2019). Klein, Core 3 Leader

NIH/NIAID (K08 AI132720), “Fungal and host factors in initiation of cryptococcal persistence” (2018). Klein, Mentor to J. Muse Davis

American Heart Association (Post-doctoral fellowship, Scott Fites), “Harnessing a long-lived neutrophil to fight systemic fungal infections” (2017-2018). Klein, Mentor

UW-Technology Innovation Fund, “BI-Eng3- an adjuvant for vaccine prevention of global pathogens” (2017-2018). Wüethrich, PI

NIH/NIAID (R01 AI035681-supplement to promote diversity in health-related research, Nydiaris Hernandez-Santos), “Molecular pathogenesis of Blastomycosis” (2016-2018). Klein, PI

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society (Post-doctoral Fellowship, James Muse Davis), “Understanding fungal morphogenesis and dissemination using in vivo imaging of a larval zebrafish model” (2014-2017). Klein, Mentor

US Geological Survey, US Department of Interior (G14 AC00330), “Oral vaccines and delivery methods for controlling disease in bats” (2014-2017). Klein, Co-PI

NIH/NIAID (R01 AI040996), “Mechanisms of anti-fungal vaccine immunity” (2007-2017). Klein, PI

American Heart Association (Post-doctoral Fellowship), “New adjuvants for the prevention of cardiovascular fungal infections” (2016). Klein, Co-Mentor

NIH/NIAID (F32 AI120642), “Role of airway epithelial cells in host defense against pulmonary fungal pathogens” (2015-2016). Klein, Mentor

NIH/NIAID (R21 AI111024), “Molecular pathogenesis and Blastomyces adherence” (2014-2016). Klein, PI

NIH/NIAID (R01 AI093553), “Regulation of vaccine induced anti-fungal T17 cells” (2011-2016). Klein, Co-Investigator.

American Heart Association (Pre-doctoral Fellowship), “Group III hybrid histidine kinases: a novel drug target for the treatment of cardiac fungal infections” (2014-2015). Klein, Mentor

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention & Lucigen Corporation, “”CLIA-waived point of care tests for infection by Coccidioides, Blastomyces and Histoplasma” (2014-2015). Klein, Co-Investigator

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) Draper Technology Innovation Fund, “Strategies for assessing and inducing immunity to life-threatening fungal infections” (2014-2015). Klein, PI

NIH/NIAID (R21 AI105816), “Tracking anti-fungal CD4+ T cells in vivo” (2013-2015). Klein, PI

American Association of University Women (AAUW, Pre-doctoral Fellowship), “Unappreciated intracellular lifestyle of Blastomyces dermatitidis” (2013-2014). Klein, Mentor

University of Wisconsin Graduate School, “Targeting hybrid histidine kinase for broad spectrum antifungal therapy” (2013-2014). Klein, PI

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) Accelerator Program, “Anti-fungal drug discovery” (2011-2014). Klein, PI

University of Wisconsin, MERC Collaborative Health Sciences Program, “Wisconsin Center for Infectious Disease (WisCID)” (2008-2014). Klein, PI

University of Wisconsin, MERC Collaborative Health Sciences Program, “Wisconsin infectious disease drug discovery” (2007-2014). Klein, PI

NIH/NIEHS (F30 ES019048), “Environmental chitin exposure in the pathogenesis of asthma” (2010-2013). Klein, Mentor

NIH/NIGMS (RC1 GM096347), “Discovery of natural product-based drugs from bacterial symbionts of insects” (2010-2013). Klein, Co-Investigator

Hartwell Foundation (Post-doctoral Fellowship), “Role of calcium signaling in fungal morphogenesis” (2010-2012). Klein, Mentor

NIH/NIAID (RC1 AI086025), “Targeting hybrid histidine kinase for broad spectrum anti-fungal therapy” (2009-2012). Klein, PI

Sandler Program for Asthma Research, “The chitin receptor and its role in asthma pathogenesis” (2008-2012). Klein, PI

NIH/NIAID (K08 AI071004), “Regulation of morphogenesis in dimorphic fungi” (2006-2012). Klein, Mentor

Hartwell Foundation, “Stemming the growing tide of systemic fungal infections in children” (2007-2010). Klein, PI

NIH/NIAID & University of Cincinnati (P01 AI061298), “Defending against systemic Mycoses” (2004-2010). Klein, Project 2 PI

NIH/NIAID (R21 AI076700), “Priming of antifungal T-Cells at mucosal and systemic sites” (2007-2009). Klein, Co-Investigator

NIH/NIAID & Washington University (R01 AI050882), “Comparative and functional genomics of Histoplasma and Blastomyces” (2002-2008). Klein, Co-Investigator

NIH/NIAID (R01 AI040996), “Protective immune responses to Blastomyces Dermatitidis” (2001-2007). Klein, PI

Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (MACC Fund), “Pathogenicity of Aspergillus flavus” (2005-2006). Klein, PI

Infectious Disease Society of America (Post-doctoral Fellowship), “Regulation of dimorphism in Blastomyces dermatitidis” (2004-2006). Klein, Mentor

Ellison Foundation (Post-doctoral Fellowship), “Immune evasion strategies of Blastomcyes dermatitids” (2003-2006). Klein, Mentor