Bridge Funding Requests

All requests MUST be submitted through the Associate Director for Research and will be reviewed with the Vice Chair of Research and Department Chair. In an effort to match requests with Department goals and priorities, requests should not be submitted directly to the School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH).

Bridge funding is designed to provide interim support for research projects that experience a temporary lapse in external funding and for which discretionary funding is unavailable. Proposals are limited to 18 months and will be selected based on scientific merit, likelihood of subsequent funding, availability of alternative internal and external funding and the overall value of retaining the research program.

Requests for new, previously unsupported research projects are not eligible.

To be considered for a bridge funding request, please submit the following:

  • 1-2 page description of the research plan and progress to date, including publications;
  • Summary of attempts and status of proposal(s) submitted to obtain funding support (include internal and external funding);
  • Detailed budget (maximum request of 18 months); and
  • Budget justification.

Please email the required documents to Becky Bound, Associate Director for Research. Please contact Becky at 265-2007 with any questions.