New Acceptable Use Policy

Starting May 2022, all SMPH-Pediatrics (DOP) computers will show an Acceptable Use Policy when signing in. You must click OK to agree to it before using the computer. The Policy is as follows:

Authorized SMPH-Pediatrics workforce member/user access only. You are about to access a protected information system containing university data. Actual or attempted unauthorized access and use of this computer system may result in disciplinary action, criminal, and/or civil prosecution. We reserve the right to view, monitor, record, and audit all activity on this system without notice or permission. Any information obtained by such actions taken is subject to review and release to law enforcement organizations for investigation or prosecution of unauthorized criminal activity on the system in accordance with Federal law, State statute and University policy. If you are not an authorized user of this system, exit the system now. By clicking ‘ok’, you agree to and accept these conditions.  For help with this computer, please contact Peds IT at (608) 263-3060 or