Gray Areas of Diabetes Management at School

Thank you to all the school nurses and health care professionals who came together to discuss the challenging and confusing aspects of diabetes care at school! Check out some highlights from the discussion and expert recommended resources below.

  • Almost all students with diabetes will qualify for a 504 evaluation or plan.
    • 504 Plans are based on the student having an impairment of a major bodily function, including diabetes.
    • The Individualized Health Plan/ Nursing Care plan is generally not a replacement for the 504 Plan.
    • The American Diabetes Association’s 504 Section Plan Web-page is a good resource to consult.
  • When a parent requests an adjustment to insulin doses…
    • • Parents/caregivers may make adjustments to insulin doses when the student’s provider has written to allow it AND has provided an acceptable dosing range in their orders provided to the school.
  • Engagement is key to building trust and overcoming barriers of student care.
    • Engaging with parents/ caregivers and students to share information can help with building trust and overcoming barriers.
    • Consider using tools like BlueLoop (app for sharing blood sugars) to keep communication open.
    • Utilize other disciplines (social work, counseling, etc) to build relationships and support students.

DiSH Session 5 Presentation (.pdf)