Gilbert-Barness Lectureship

Gilbert-Barness Lecturers

2022 – Linda Ernst, MD “Placental Pathology in 2022: Where Are We and Where Are We Going?”

2021 – Cecilia Berin, PhD “Clinical Implication of T Cell Phenotypes in Food Allergy”

2018 – Raj Kapur, MD, PhD “Caring for the Patient with Hirschsprung Disease: Partnership Between Surgeon and Pathologist”

2017 – Patricia Emmanuel, MD “Molecular Diagnostics for CNS Infections – an Expanding Toolbox for Pediatricians”

2015 – Paul Jedlicka, MD, PhD “Ewing Sarcoma, a Not-so-Simple Oncogene Fusion-Driven Cancer

2014 – Philip M. Farrell, MD and Michael H. Farrell, MD “Quality Improvement in Screening Programs: A Tribute to Dr. Lewis A. Barness”

2013 – Daniel Ostlie, MD “Evidence-Based Surgical Practice”

2012 – Elizabeth Perlman, MD “Wilm Tumor Development: From Pathology to Genomics”

2011 – David B. Allen, MD “Lessons Learned from the Growth Hormone Era”

2010 – Kondi Wong, MD, Colonel (retired) USAF MC “The Cree Leukoencephalopathy Chronicles: Childhood Gaucher and the Parkinson’s Link”

2009 – Carlo Di Lorenzo, MD “What to do with the Child with Functional Abdominal Pain”

2008 – Michael Fritsch, MD, PhD

2007 – Jeffrey L. Segar, MD “Fetal Origins of Adult Disease”

2006 – Pierre Russo, MD “Enteropathies of Infancy”

2005 – Aaron L. Friedman, MD “Genetics and the Kidney: Improving our Understanding of Renal Development, Physiology, and Pathophysiology”

2004 – Dawna Armstrong, MD, FRCP “The Rett Syndrome”

2003 – Phillip Farrell, MD, PhD “Diagnosing Through Screening Using Traditional and Molecular Methods”

2002 – Don B. Singer, MD “Thirty-Five Years in the Amniotic Sac”

2001 – John M. Opitz, MD “In Praise of (Judicious Amounts of) Cholesterol: Lessons Learned from the RSH (Smith-Lemli-Opitz) Syndrome”

1998 – Grant Morrow, MD “Metabolic Diseases: What Goes Around Comes Around”

1997 – Enid Gilbert-Barness, MD “Cardiomyopathy in Children”

1996 – Lewis Barness, MD “Pediatric Smells”