Dr. Robert Lemanske and His Co-Investigators Receive Competitive Renewal on COAST IV

Congratulations to Dr. Robert Lemanske and his Co-Investigators, Drs. James Gern, Daniel Jackson, Judith Smith, Christine Seroogy, Ron Gangnon, Yury Bochkov and Carole Ober, on the competitive renewal of their Program Project Grant (PPG), “Rhinovirus Infections and Asthma in Children and Adolescents” (a.k.a. COAST IV), funded by the National Institutes of Health – National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. This 5-year grant is funded at over $2.2 million/year and is starting its 16th year (5 years as an R01 and 11 years as a P01). The COAST study is a high-risk birth cohort that was established in 1998 to evaluate the contribution of both genetic and environmental (with emphasis on viral respiratory tract infections) factors in early life on the development of childhood asthma and allergies. The next 5 years of funding will permit further analyses of mechanisms underlying changes in asthma prevalence based on gender during adolescence, as well as the contribution of the microbiome and both allergic and nonallergic immunologic and genetic pathways involved in asthma expression, progression, remission, and exacerbation. During the previous funding period, the COAST study group published more than 50 original manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals.