Dr. Elizabeth Cox, Collaborators Receive Carbone Cancer Center’s Rural Cancer Pilot Award

Elizabeth Cox, MD, PhD

Elizabeth Cox, MD, PhD (Director of the Program of Research on Outcomes for Kids (PROKids), and Professor, Division of General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine), in collaboration with Chris Queram (CEO and president of Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ)), Melissa Gilkey, PhD (University of North Carolina), and members of the PROKids team recently received a Carbone Cancer Center Rural Cancer Pilot Award.  The project, “On-Time HPV Vaccination for Rural Wisconsin Youth,” is a first step to inform healthcare system-level interventions that address low rates of HPV vaccination in rural Wisconsin.  Based on WCHQ data, the project will develop and validate metrics of on-time HPV vaccination initiation and completion in Wisconsin health systems and use interviews with healthcare stakeholders to understand challenges, opportunities, and initiatives related to HPV vaccination among rural clinics.  Findings from this work will inform a future multi-year National Cancer Institute P01, implementing evidence-based interventions to ultimately improve HPV vaccination rates and reduce the burden of HPV-associated cancers in Wisconsin and beyond.