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Grant Support

Relpysa, “A phase 2, open-label, multiple dose study to evaluate the pharmacodynamic effects, safety, and tolerability of patiromer for oral suspension in children and adolescents 2 to < 18 years of age with chronic kidney disease and hyperkalemia,” (2017-ongoing). Paloian, PI

Emory University and Raptor Pharmaceuticals, “Cystinosis: Clinical outcomes in a contemporary group of American patients,” (2016-2019). Bartosh, Site PI

Nationwide Children’s Hospital and NephCure Kidney Foundation, “NephCure kidney foundation – Cure GN,” (2015-2018). Bartosh, Site PI

Nationwide Children’s Hospital and NIH/NIDDK (UM1 DK100866), “Integrative proteomics & metabolomics for pediatric glomerula disease biomarkers – CureGN,” (2013-2018). Bartosh, Site PI