Current Grant Support

Aaron Carrel, MD

NIH/NICHD (R01 HD089495), “Role of neuroestradiol in regulation of GnRH neurons” (2018-2023). Terasawa-Grilley, PI

NIH/NICHD (R21 DH092009), “Stem cell-derived GnRH neurons: optimization and characterization” (2017-2020). Terasawa, PI

NIH/NICHD & Massachusetts General Hospital, “Kisspeptin and neurokinin B: From physiology in the monkey to pathophysiology in the human” (2015-2020). Terasawa, Co-Investigator

NIH/NCATS & UW Institute for Clinical & Translational Research (Ul1 TR002373), “Linking sex and fitness with metabolic disease in obese children” (2018-2019). Rehm and Carrel, Mentors for Laura Tetri

NIH/NIDDK (T32 DK077586), “Childhood diabetes clinical & molecular research training program” (2008-2013, 2014-2019). Allen, Program Director