2021 DiSH A La Carte Session #3: Back to School: Diabetes & COVID-19

Resources Colorado Kids with Diabetes School Nurse Resources (https://www.coloradokidswithdiabetes.org/)ADA Safe at School (https://www.diabetes.org/resources/know-your-rights/safe-at-school-state-laws)CDC and COVID-19 (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html)Restarting Safe Education & Testing: For Children with Medical Complexity (https://reset4kids.org/)Safe, Strong, & Healthy Schools; What we Know Now – …

2021 DiSH A La Carte Session #2: Carbohydrate Counting

Resources Beyond Type 1 Holiday Carb Counting Resources: https://uwmadison.box.com/s/yot2m2icrum8xjk8sdpm46mhphgu26ujPersonal Carbohydrate Log for Frequently Eaten Foods: https://uwmadison.box.com/s/3jn1pxe3ijvj0geppbwh0e8q7xnsjan5Staying Healthy With Diabetes HFFY: https://uwmadison.box.com/s/tc1vu4w7dvr546n1s396o3j9nk836zj5 2021 DiSH A La Carte #2 Presentation (.pdf)

2021 DiSH A La Carte Session #1: Insulin Basics

Resources DiaTribe 42 Factors that Affect Blood Glucose: https://diatribe.org/42factors American Diabetes Association, Insulin Basics: https://www.diabetes.org/healthy-living/medication-treatments/insulin-other-injectables/insulin-basics 2021 DiSH A La Carte #1 Presentation (.pdf)

DiSH Session 11: Type 2 Diabetes in Adolescents

Resources Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Tool Kit (Resources to Reduce Racial Disparities) Type 2 Diabetes In Children Educational Handout from UW Health Recommendations for Medication in Type 2 Diabetes in Children from the American Diabetes …

DiSH Session 9: Hybrid Closed Loop Systems in Schools

Resources: Is My CGM Accurate? (Dexcom): https://www.dexcom.com/faqs/is-my-dexcom-sensor-accurateTeacher’s Guide to Kids with Type 1 Diabetes (Beyond Type 1): https://beyondtype1.org/a-teachers-guide-to-kids-with-type-1-diabetes/CGM and Pumps Safe at School Videos (ADA): https://www.diabetes.org/resources/know-your-rights/safe-at-school-state-laws/training-resources-school-staff/diabetes-care-tasks-school DiSH Session #9 Presentation (.pdf)

DiSH Session 8: COVID-19 and Type 1 Diabetes

Resources: McMaster’s Children’s Hospital (Ontario, Canada) – COVID FAQ Colorado Children’s School Resources www.coloradokidswithdiabetes.orgAmerican Family Children’s Hospital Sick Day Plan: AFCH Sick Day Plan DiSH Session #8 Presentation (.pdf)