Grant Support

UW Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education and the UW Carbone Cancer Center, "Combining Radiotherapeutic with Antitumor Antibody and IL2 to Create a Potent In Situ Cancer Vaccine" (2016-2018). Sondel, Principal Investigator

UW Carbone Cancer Center, "Kayla Rasmussen Undergraduate Summer Research Award," (2016). Rakhmelivich, Mentor for Kayla Rasmussen

NIH/NCI (R35 CA197078), Outstanding Investigator Award, “Enhancing antibody-directed innate immunity to improve cancer outcome” (2015-2022). Sondel, PI

Solving Kids Cancer & Southampton General Hospital, UK, “Phase I study of 131-1 mIBG followed by Nivolumab and ch14.18/CHO in children with relapsed/refractory neuroblastoma.” (2016-2019). Sondel, Co-PI

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, “Neuroblastoma protocol 2012: therapy for children with advanced stage high risk neuroblatoma” (2015-2019). Sondel, PI

American Cancer Society, “The role of TPL2 in regulating macrophage-myeloma tumor cell interactions” (2015-2019). Sondel, Co-Investigator

Alex’s Lemonade Stand, “Identifying how pre-existing anti-therapeutic antibodies (PATA) are associated with better outcome in a clinical trial of ADCC-inducing anti-GD2 mAb” (2015-2018). Sondel, PI

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, “A phase I trial of the humanized anti-GD2 antibody in children and adolescents with neuroblastoma or melanoma” (2008-2018). Sondel, PI

MACC Fund, “Treatment of relapsed or refractory neuroblastoma with ex-vivo activated and expanded haploidentical NK cells and Hu14.18-IL2” (2015-2017). Sondel, Collaborator

MACC Fund, “Enhancing immunocytokine efficacy in neuroblastoma: synergy with radiation therapy (RT) and development of 2nd generation immunocytokines (ICs)” (2015-2017). Sondel, PI

MACC Fund, “Alpha/beta t-cell depleted haploidentical transplantation with post-transplant zoledronic acid to treat recurrent or refractory pediatric malignancies” (2013-2017). Sondel, Collaborator

NIH/NCATS (UL1 TR000427), “Clinical and translational science award” (2007-2017). Sondel, Chair Scientific Review Committee

St. Baldrick’s Foundation 2015 Innovation Grant, “Finding the target of beneficial anti-therapeutic antibodies” (2015-2016). Sondel, PI

NIH/NCATS (UL1 TR000427) & UW Carbone Cancer Center, “Murine cancer models for testing in situ vaccination strategies” (2015-2016). Sondel, PI

University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, “NK cell activation with anti-Ly49 antibody and antiCD40/CPG for immunotherapy of pancreatic cancer” (2014-2016). Sondel, Co-Investigator (Rakhmilevich, PI)

American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), St. Baldrick’s Foundation, Stand Up 2 Cancer Foundation & Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, “Immunogenomics to create new therapeutics for high risk childhood cancers” (2013-2016). Sondel, Local PI

Howard Hughes Medical Student Research Fellowship, “Description and characterization of endogenous antibodies found in some cancer patients that are capable of recognizing various monoclonal antibodies used in cancer immunotherapy” (2013-2016). Sondel, Mentor

NCI-Clinical Immunotherapy Trials Network, “Membership in national consortium” (2011-2016). Sondel, PI

University of Wisconsin Pilot Research Award, “Testing molecular variants of imatinib and dasatininib for antitumor vs. immunosuppressive effects” (2012-2015). Sondel, Co-PI

Completed Grants

St. Baldrick’s Foundation, “Summer fellowship 2015” (2015). Sondel, Mentor

American Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology, “Engaging antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity to augment the synergy of radiation and T cell checkpoint inhibition” (2014-2015). Sondel, Faculty Mentor

Hyundai Hope on Wheels Grant Program, “Novel anti-GD2 immunocytokine design and delivery regimens combining NK and T cell activation to boost anti-neuroblastoma efficacy” (2013-2015). Sondel, PI

MACC Fund, “Preclinical development of novel anti-GD2 immunocytokines designed to limit IL2-induced toxicity and augment anti-neuroblastoma efficacy” (2013-2015). Sondel, PI

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Inc., “A safety/feasibility trial of the addition of the humanized anti-GD2 antibody (hu14.18K322A) with and without natural killer cells to chemotherapy in children and adolescents with recurrent/refractory neuroblastoma” (2012-2015). Sondel, PI

NIH/NCI (R01 CA166105), “The role of KIR and FCR Genotype in the efficacy of mAb and IL2 immunotherapy” (2012-2015). Sondel, PI

NIH/NCI & Children's Oncology Group (U10 CA098543), “Immunotherapy reference and resource” (2007-2015). Sondel, Protocol Chair

NIH/NCI (R01 CA087025), “T-cell independent antitumor mechanisms of CD40 ligation” (2002-2006) & “Antitumor mechanisms of anti-CD40/CpG-activated macrophages” (2006-2015). Sondel. PI

NIH/NCI (R01 CA032685), “Clinical development of Hu14.18-IL2 targeted therapy” (1982-2015). Sondel, PI

NIH/NCATS (UL1 TR000427), “In depth delineation of FcγRIIc and FcγRIIIa genotypes and potential clinical implications” (2013-2014). Sondel, Pilot Grant PI

Radiation Society of North America, “Synergy of radiation and immunotherapy in the treatment of melanoma” (2013-2014). Sondel, PI

University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center Investigator Initiated Pilot Award, “Targeted reprogramming of macrophage polarization in myeloma” (2013-2014). Sondel, Co-Investigator

Super Jake Foundation, “Multivalent decoration of neuroblastoma cells to mediate tumor destruction” (2007-2014). Sondel, PI

MACC Fund, “Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) levels of homocysteine (HCY), Neuroexcitatory amino acids (NEAA), S-Adenosylmethionine (SAM), and Tau proteins” (2002-2014). Sondel, Co-PI

MACC Fund, “Autologous KIR/ KIR-ligand mismatch, FcγR polymorphisms and their influences on response to tumor targeted immunocytokine” (2011-2013). Sondel, PI

MACC Fund, “Kir-incompatible transplantation in pediatric osteosarcoma and rhabdomyosarcoma” (2007-2013). Sondel, PI

American Society of Hematology, “The influence of KIR and HLA genotype on the clinical response to immunotherapy with rituximab for patients with follicular lymphoma” (2011-2012). Sondel, PI

NIH/NCI & University of Massachusetts, Worcester (R21 CA130295), “Intratumoral injection of a-gal glycolipids in stage IV melanoma: phase I trial” (2009-2012). Sondel, Co-Investigator

Hyundai Hope on Wheels, “Genotyping of killer inhibitory receptor (KIR), KIR-Ligand (KIR-L) and Fc receptor genes to improve the outcome for children receiving effective immunotherapy for neuroblastoma” (2010-2011). Sondel, PI

MACC Fund, “Development of intratumoral and systemic neuroblastoma therapy using Hu14.18-IL2 plus resveratrol (RV)” (2009-2011). Sondel, PI

MACC Fund, “Reduced intensity haploidentical transplantation with NK cell infusions for pediatric acute leukemia and high risk solid tumors” (2009-2011). Sondel, Co-Investigator

DOD, Army (W81XWH-08-1-0599), “Ovarian cancer immunotherapy using redirected endogenous anti-gal antibody” (2008-2011). Sondel, PI

St. Baldrick’s “COG neuroblastoma laboratory” (2009-2010). Sondel, PI

NIH/NIGMS (R31 GM067386), “Falgellar gene homologues in Brucella melitensis” (2008-2010). Sondel, Mentor

NIH/NCI (R01 CA032685), “Clinical development of Hu14.18-IL2 targeted therapy” (2006-2010). Sondel, PI

NIH/NCI & Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (P01 CA081403), “Biology and therapy of high risk neuroblastoma” (2002-2010). Sondel, PI

Abbie’s Fund, “Destruction of Neuroblastoma via Synapse formation with the novel therapeutic immunocytokine: hu14.18IL2” (2008-2009). Sondel, PI

DOD, Army (W81XWH-08-0278), “Directing potent endogenous anti-gal antibody against ovarian cancer” (2008-2009). Sondel, Co-PI

UW Cure Kids Cancer Coalition Project (2006-2008). Sondel, PI

Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, “Anti-CD40 treatment for spontaneous murine neuroblastoma” (2011-2015). Sondel, Co-Investigator (Rakhmilevich, PI)

Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, “Analysis of network responses in children with neuroblastoma receiving hu14.18-IL2” (2011-2015). Sondel, Co-Investigator (Hank, PI)

University of Wisconsin Pilot Research Award, “Testing molecular variants of imatinib and dasatininib for antitumor vs. immunosuppressive effects” (2012-2014). Sondel, Co-PI (S. Kim, PI)