Moderate Sedation Credentialing

Credentialing Requirements

First-Time Credentialing

First-time credentialing in pediatric moderate sedation for either current new medical staff requires the following conditions to be met:

  1. Completion of this self-directed pediatric moderate sedation website
  2. Successful completion, defined as a score of ≥80%, of the 30-question pediatric sedation test
  3. Confirmation of having conducted 40 sedations within his or her subspecialty area in the last four years
  4. Completion of Form A, to obtain privileges for administering specific sedatives for specific procedures (signatures of requesting physician and division head or department chairman required)
  5. Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification with specific testing in pediatric sedation/airway testing stations during the PALS course OR Pediatric sedation program attendance for one day and demonstration of basic airway life-support measures.


Physicians wishing to maintain privileges in pediatric moderate sedation must be recredentialed every two years. Faculty who wish to maintain privileges must provide documentation of having conducted 20 sedations in the previous two years. Form B must be signed and completed by the requesting physician and his or her division head or department chairman.