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American Family Children's Hospital

  • American Family Children's Hospital (AFCH) is a comprehensive pediatric medical and surgical center featuring nationally recognized pediatric specialists in a wide range of fields.
  • This is where residents spend the majority of their resident training both on the inpatient wards and in the subspecialty clinics.
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Unity Point Health Meriter Hospital

  • Meriter Hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive, coordinated care through their clinics, hospital and home care services for patients located in South Central Wisconsin.
  • Residents work with University of Wisconsin faculty here in the neonatal ICU and newborn nursery rotations.
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Continuity Clinic - UW Health Clinics

East Clinic 

  • Located between Madison and Sun Prairie, 11 miles from AFCH
  • 5 pediatricians with busy practices, including the full spectrum of pediatric care
  • Special areas of interest includes global health, international adoption and travel, newborn medicine, ADHD, allergies and asthma, and educating medical professionals on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

Union Corners Clinic

  • Located on the near east side of Madison
  • 3 pediatricians and 1 behavioral health specialist, taking care of the full spectrum of general pediatric and adolescent medicine

20 South Park 

  • 6 pediatricians who all put a very high premium on quality, service, and continuity of care
  • Located in the center of Madison and near campus; patients include international graduate students and families from outside of Dane County
  • Clinic population is ethnically and socioeconomically diverse

University Station 

  • Located near UW graduate student housing (Eagle Heights), thus the practice is quite multicultural
  • On any given day you may see a family from Korea, a Spanish-speaking family, a child of a university professor, or a child from a low-income family
  • Special interests include children with chronic conditions, LGBTQ health, and specializations in sports medicine and adolescent medicine

West Towne Clinic 

  • Located on the near west side of Madison and serves traditional families and families of diverse backgrounds
  • The clinic is run more on a private practice model with a strong emphasis on teaching
  • The clinic staff collaboratively works to make the resident experience positive and meaningful, especially for those who plan to practice in a primary care setting

West Clinic 

  • Located on the far west side of Madison with a patient population of various socioeconomic levels, of different nationalities and ethnicities and also of varying educational backgrounds
  • The pediatricians here put great emphasis on resident and student teaching

Continuity Clinic - Community Partner Sites

Associated Physicians 

  • Private practice near the UW campus
  • Multidisciplinary clinic includes internal medicine, OB/GYN, pediatrics, surgery, podiatry, dermatology and GI on site
  • The pediatrics group is made up of 6 clinicians with a highly skilled nursing staff
  • Patient demographics include a wide range of cultural and economic backgrounds including the very affluent and the very poor, and including many international families
  • This clinic experience is unique because it is a physician-owned practice outside the typical HMO model

Dean Clinic 

  • Located about 10 minutes south of Meriter Hospital or 15 minutes driving time from AFCH
  • Suburban patient population with a growing Hispanic presence
  • Fairly typical “private practice” structure with busy and typical clinic volumes by national standards
  • Specializes in the full spectrum of patients (birth to 22) and pediatric problems

Access Community Health Centers 

  • Located on South Park Street and serves patients for whom living in poverty is a common thread
  • Nonprofit, fully-funded Federally Qualified Health Center whose major mission is to provide superb, accessible health care to families
  • Each clinic day is filled with challenge as people face illness, a different culture from their own, or financial despair
  • The clinic is busy, dynamic and at times chaotic

Group Health Cooperative (Capitol and Fitchburg Locations) 

  • Located in downtown Madison (Capitol Clinic) and in an adjoining city (Fitchburg), this group is a nonprofit, local HMO who aims to provide high-quality health care services
  • This health care model began with people from our community who envisioned a nonprofit, member-owned cooperative that could bring health insurance and healthcare together for the benefit of members