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American Family Children's Hospital

  • American Family Children's Hospital (AFCH) is a comprehensive pediatric medical and surgical center featuring nationally recognized pediatric specialists in a wide range of fields.
  • This is where residents spend the majority of their resident training both on the inpatient wards and in the subspecialty clinics.
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Unity Point Health Meriter Hospital

  • Meriter Hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive, coordinated care through their clinics, hospital and home care services for patients located in South Central Wisconsin.
  • Residents work with University of Wisconsin faculty here in the neonatal ICU and newborn nursery rotations.
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Continuity Clinic - UW Health Clinics

East Clinic 

  • Located between Madison and Sun Prairie, 11 miles from AFCH
  • 5 pediatricians with busy practices, including the full spectrum of pediatric care
  • Special areas of interest includes global health, international adoption and travel, newborn medicine, ADHD, allergies and asthma, and educating medical professionals on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

East Towne Clinic (Future Union Corners location) 

  • Located on the near east side of Madison
  • 3 pediatricians and 1 behavioral health specialist, taking care of the full spectrum of general pediatric and adolescent medicine

20 South Park 

  • 6 pediatricians who all put a very high premium on quality, service, and continuity of care
  • Located in the center of Madison and near campus; patients include international graduate students and families from outside of Dane County
  • Clinic population is ethnically and socioeconomically diverse

University Station 

  • Located near UW graduate student housing (Eagle Heights), thus the practice is quite multicultural
  • On any given day you may see a family from Korea, a Spanish-speaking family, a child of a university professor, or a child from a low-income family
  • Special interests include children with chronic conditions, LGBTQ health, and specializations in sports medicine and adolescent medicine

Fitchburg Clinic 

  • Located 15 minutes from AFCH
  • More of a typical “private practice” model with a slightly larger-than-average patient population
  • Special interests include Dr. Ellis’s behavioral pediatrics, in addition to the full spectrum of ages (birth to 22) and pediatric problems

West Towne Clinic 

  • Located on the near west side of Madison and serves traditional families and families of diverse backgrounds
  • The clinic is run more on a private practice model with a strong emphasis on teaching
  • The clinic staff collaboratively works to make the resident experience positive and meaningful, especially for those who plan to practice in a primary care setting

West Clinic 

  • Located on the far west side of Madison with a patient population of various socioeconomic levels, of different nationalities and ethnicities and also of varying educational backgrounds
  • The pediatricians here put great emphasis on resident and student teaching

Continuity Clinic - Community Partner Sites

Associated Physicians 

  • Private practice near the UW campus
  • Multidisciplinary clinic includes internal medicine, OB/GYN, pediatrics, surgery, podiatry, dermatology and GI on site
  • The pediatrics group is made up of 6 clinicians with a highly skilled nursing staff
  • Patient demographics include a wide range of cultural and economic backgrounds including the very affluent and the very poor, and including many international families
  • This clinic experience is unique because it is a physician-owned practice outside the typical HMO model

Dean Clinic 

  • Located about 10 minutes south of Meriter Hospital or 15 minutes driving time from AFCH
  • Suburban patient population with a growing Hispanic presence
  • Fairly typical “private practice” structure with busy and typical clinic volumes by national standards
  • Specializes in the full spectrum of patients (birth to 22) and pediatric problems

Access Community Health Centers 

  • Located on South Park Street and serves patients for whom living in poverty is a common thread
  • Nonprofit, fully-funded Federally Qualified Health Center whose major mission is to provide superb, accessible health care to families
  • Each clinic day is filled with challenge as people face illness, a different culture from their own, or financial despair
  • The clinic is busy, dynamic and at times chaotic

Group Health Cooperative (Capitol and Fitchburg Locations) 

  • Located in downtown Madison (Capitol Clinic) and in an adjoining city (Fitchburg), this group is a nonprofit, local HMO who aims to provide high-quality health care services
  • This health care model began with people from our community who envisioned a nonprofit, member-owned cooperative that could bring health insurance and healthcare together for the benefit of members