Resident Wellness

We believe that it is important for residents to establish meaningful relationships in order to function as a cohesive unit when providing patient care. Our residents definitely live by the work hard, play hard philosophy! And luckily for us, we have a great group of individuals and a unique city to enjoy!

Residency-Wide Social Events:

  • Escape Rooms
    • Residents participate in a local escape room missions, where they work together to solve the mystery and exit the room before the clock times out! The different resident classes, and even the program directors, participate and compare times. The current second year residents were the winners this year!
  • Madison Mallards GamesCasino Night
    • Residents attend summer baseball games, of collegiate athletes in preparation for the minor leagues!
  • Casino Night
    • Ellen Wald, MD, our department chair, hosts a casino night at her home where residents, faculty and program administration gather to play blackjack, poker, craps and more (with fake money of course)!
  • Holiday Parties
    • We celebrate the holidays in a variety of settings. We range from “secret Santa” at an associate program director’s house to dressing in cocktail attire for the department holiday party at the Fluno Center!
  • Resident sporting teams
    • There have been a variety of resident sports leagues over the years, with the most recent being resident kickball and soccer teams.

Craft Brew Night

  • Craft Brew Night
    • Residents and faculty meet monthly at an attending’s home for barbeque and brews! Different varieties of beer are sampled while discussing history of beer, beer brewing, and varieties of craft beers, along with sharing good company.








Social Events
Social Events
Social Events
Social Events
Social Events

Resident Space

  • Workrooms
    • Each service on the inpatient wards has dedicated work spaces for residents. They are equipped with computers for all, laptops for additional medical students, white boards for teaching and the Dragon system for dictating.
  • Lounge
    • Our spacious resident lounge is a place for residents to relax and decompress. The lounge has a kitchenette, lockers for each resident, a flat screen television, computer work stations and three call rooms with personal bathrooms and showers!


Other UW Advantages:

  • Outdoor healing garden at University Hospital
    • In 2016, the revised outdoor healing garden opened with beautiful flowers and plants. There are multiple tables for staff and patients to use to get in that extra vitamin D during the day! This is a lunchtime favorite locale.
  • Meal Cards
    • Our program transitioned to ID badges with annual funds given to residents for food based on the number of nighttime shifts. Residents are able to use these funds at the University Hospital cafeteria, AFCH Farmer’s Market Cafe, Mendota Market and more!
  • Books and Book Money
    • Residents are given educational resources throughout residency, including Harriet Lane, Lange Guide to Neonatology, Bright Futures, EBM User’s Guide to the Medical Literature and more. Also, residents have a yearly stipend that they can use toward educational materials, conferences, review courses or step exams/boards.


Resident Retreats

  • Each resident class attends a weekend retreat with the focus of professional development as well as class bonding.
  • The development topics include:
    • PL1: Adjustment to internship, stress management, working in teams
    • PL2: Managing conflict, career planning, and leadership
    • PL3: Teaching skills, finding a job, negotiating a contract
  • After the development content, residents engage in collaboration activities together and then enjoy themselves at the Kalahari Resort the next morning.


Resident Olympics

  • Each fall, we host a program-wide retreat promoting resident bonding and some friendly inter-class competition. Activities range from tug-of-war, relay races, capture the flag, puzzles to a pumpkin toss!
Resident Olympics
Resident Olympics
Resident Olympics
Resident Olympics
Resident Olympics
Resident Olympics